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  1. Thanks JBenghiat, I gave this a try with no success (syntax copied below). Also, it seems like this function necessarily sets the view distance and crop dimensions, but I'd like to keep the ones that are already set prior to running the script... PROCEDURE ProjectionPerspectiveOpenGL; BEGIN Projection(1,11,5,-12,-12,12,12); END; RUN (ProjectionPerspectiveOpenGL); And the syntax I was trying with DoMenuTextByName was (I got these from Appendix H): PROCEDURE Perspective_OpenGL; BEGIN DoMenuTextByName('OpenGL Render Chunk',0); DoMenuTextByName('Perspective Chunk',2); END; RUN (Perspective_OpenGL);
  2. I'm trying to write a script using DoMenuTextByName in order to switch to a normal perspective and OpenGL. This is because VW seems to ignore the default render mode and projection when I switch to a 3D view while in a group, and at some other times as well. However, no matter what syntax and menu names I try (I've checked the constants for this command), I get errors saying the menu cannot be found. Any pointers? Ideally the script would then also zoom to fit objects. Thanks! Cheers, Markus
  3. ...I see this hasn't been addressed with SP2 (not that folks have been exactly clamoring for it). Would still be great though if we could set this boolean directly in worksheets; it would definitely make the new Title Block Border more usable for us.
  4. Please make it possible to toggle the 'This Title Block is Active' boolean within worksheets. Currently this is not supported, but it would make managing your active drawing set much easier, as you wouldn't have to navigate to every separate sheet layer, select each Title Block, and click on the check box in the OIP in order to change which sheets are in the current set. One worksheet, set the values there, and done! Thanks!
  5. ...looks like this one hasn't been fixed in VW2018 – I'm still getting these stray red planes from objects outside of the clip cube. Just submitted another bug report. ____________ UPDATE: my mistake! I was inadvertently modeling in VW2017. Opening the file in VW2018 (now SP1) shows the clip cube working great – thanks for the fix!
  6. Thanks Nikolay, that does display the revision information, however, none of the information here is actually linked to the data fields, doesn't update automatically, and certainly can't be used to update or enter revision information. It also doesn't give me any clues as to how I might be able to list the revision information in the revision fields separately in my own worksheet. Here's a screenshot of drawing set management worksheet we've developed for 2018, where we can enter most of the data directly and manage the whole set in one place with a complete overview. We use a boolean to indicate whether a title block is just a placeholder for a sheet actually provided by others, so that it'll show up in our sheet index, our own boolean that indicates whether the sheet is part of the current set (can be toggled right in the worksheet), and our own combined issue/revision fields, which can be entered directly here as well. It'd be great to be able to use the built-in system in this fashion, without having to click through individual dialogs for each sheet, but alas...
  7. Hello Nikolay, The Sheet Revision Log that the 'Issue Manager' (which really only creates a report – it doesn't help you manage your sheet issues) produces doesn't actually report any of the Revision Data fields, only the 'Current Revision' field for each Issue. Please see the attached screen shot. Again, when I try to display the actual revision data fields (as per the other screen shot of the Revision Data tab of the Title Block Border Settings dialog, all of the data for the individual revisions is strung together, per my post above. I think a real Issue / Revision manager would allow us to directly enter data in a matrix (presumably in a worksheet) with a single-view overview of the whole drawing set, rather than having to click through dialogs for each and every sheet. I'm ditching the built-in system and using our own fields within the Sheet Data form, allowing us to do exactly that. Moreover, we'll use our own boolean field for indicating which sheet is part of the current set, so that we can also toggle this from the same drawing set management worksheet rather than having to do this individually on each and every sheet layer & title block... Cheers, Markus
  8. Tom, are you able to control the 'This Title Block is Active' boolean from your worksheet? I've been unable to do so, which is in part why I've ditched the built-in issue and revision data system altogether, made my own boolean that controls whether a sheet is included in our index, added sheet-based issue fields, and have written a worksheet where I can control and enter all of that data for the drawing set in one place, with easy overview over the whole thing. The one limitation is that I still have to edit one of the title blocks in order to enter the project data, but at least that only has to happen once...
  9. Thanks Nikolay, I'd missed that option! Anyone have any idea how we could list revision data in a worksheet (see this post)? Cheers, Markus
  10. VW still displays overlapping solids as voids at the Clip Cube cut plane. While this may be useful if you're trying to eliminate unintentional overlaps, often it's simply too time consuming to correct all of these in your model, and it would be great to have a Clip Cube option to display these overlaps as solid.
  11. It would be very helpful if the data fields, at least the user-generated ones, for Title Block Border objects (e.g. Sheet Data fields) could be re-ordered, since the sequence of entry definitely affects the efficiency of the workflow. You may want to add a new field at a later time but have it adjacent to one of the earlier fields, and currently there's no way to accomplish this, short of deleting all of the fields in between and then re-creating them after you've added the new one you want. The setup of these data fields (creation, deletion, re-ordering) should also be separate from the production data input! It's highly undesirable for a user to be able to accidentally delete a data field or change a Title Block Border from styled to unstyled when you're just trying to enter project, sheet, or issue / revision data. Cheers, Markus
  12. We're trying to update the worksheet we'd previously used to visually track issues and revisions in our drawing sets. Displaying the issue data fields is straightforward, as new record formats are automatically generated for each issue, however the revision data for multiple revisions seems to be stored by prepending the values in the individual Revision Data fields. Presumably one could use the SUBSTRING function in a worksheet to pull out the desired portion of each field if one knew what delimiter was being used and the corresponding syntax for that function. The attached screen shot shows the revision list in our test title block and the worksheet with the Revision Data fields we're trying to display. Any help is greatly appreciated, as it would be very helpful for us to display a full issue and revision matrix in one worksheet. Thanks! Cheers, Markus p.s.: the Project Revision History worksheet that the new "Issue Manager" (a misnomer IMHO) does not produce a list of the revision notes, dates, and numbers, which is what we're looking for
  13. Is anyone getting double-spaced issue and revision lists with the new Title Block Border object? I don't see any place where I'd be able to control this, other than the 'host' text object in the Title Block Layout to which the issue / revision data fields are linked, but these are already set to single space. This will quickly use up the available space on our title blocks... Cheers, Markus
  14. ...it also doesn't make any sense for a user to be able to add or subtract data fields from the title block once it's set up and the only task at hand is to add information to the title block on any given sheet. Adding or subtracting fields made more sense previously by editing the actual record format, separating the tasks of title block (i.e. database) setup and data entry.
  15. Please make the data entry for the new Title Block easier & quicker, for instance, by allowing us to tab from one entry field to the next instead of having to first click the field title and then into the input box for every input. Please also allow us to enter values for fields in the Title block through worksheets (doesn't seem to be currently supported), making it possible to manage drawing sets using custom worksheets, as we'd been in doing in our office with previous versions of VW.
  16. The data entry is definitely a little more cumbersome with the new setup. We used to manage our sets with custom worksheets that controlled various record fields to which text in our title block was linked. We could also attach our title block record format to placeholder objects for sheets that we wanted to include in our index, e.g. a survey, but didn't want to have to actually add to our drawing file as sheets. The five record formats now used by the revamped Title Block Border object are hidden and cannot be accessed except through editing that object, nor can they be attached to other objects. These record formats are: Title Block Border Title Block Project Data Title Block Sheet Data Title Block Issue Data-x Title Block Revision Data-x Unfortunately only a few of the fields in these can be written to from a worksheet, and the one that I most wish could be set from a worksheet is the one that determines whether a sheet is part of the current set: 'Title Block Border'.'This Title Block Is Active' . That would make it much faster to include/exclude sheets from a set by simply setting this boolean right in the worksheet – quick with a very clear overiew. Guess I'll submit a feature request... BTW, anyone running into significant delays when editing a Title Block Border style? Cheers, Markus ...follow up: more trials show that data entry in custom fields in the above record formats (you can add them when you edit the Title Block Border) via worksheet cells results in buggy display – I've even got multiple superimposed characters displaying for one field in my title block after attempting to enter values this way. Bummer.
  17. Hello Jeremy, I made the good folks at NNA aware of the issue some time ago but haven't heard anything back since then. Not sure what the chances are that the issue will be addressed with the release of 2018... Cheers, Markus
  18. Sadly, it looks like SP4 has not fixed this issue for VW 2017 on the mac, though from what I can tell it's 'only' a screen display issue, i.e. hardcopies and PDF exports render correctly. Still, you'd think this one could get fixed... please?
  19. Often it would be very useful to know an object's Z coordinate relative to the internal (global) origin in addition to the layer Z coordinate. For our architectural projects we place our site model DTM on the internal origin, so that Z coordinates on the DTM correspond to surveyed elevations. However, when working on other design layers whose layer elevations are set according to the elevations of, say, the respective subfloor, it becomes quite cumbersome to check the global Z coordinate (i.e. surveyed elevation) of any given 3D object. The addition of a 'global Z' or 'internal Z' coordinate field to the OIP would solve this handily.
  20. We love using Elevation Benchmark objects, especially since they can magically display the correct heights (elevations) of building elements in elevation and section viewports – yay for intelligent BIM annotations! However, they'd be even more useful if we could override the document units for them just like we can for stake objects (see attached screen shots).
  21. The way trim is presently handled by door & window objects also doesn't correspond with reality, nor does it permit for details such as drywall 'wrapping' on the interior or over-insulation on the exterior (i.e. the exterior cladding and ideally some insulation actually extending part-way over the frame on the exterior). It's currently also not possible to set the swing direction for operable sashes within custom sash windows. Very partial list...
  22. It would be great if you could turn off automatic text rotation (flipping) for any given text object (simple check box in the OIP)!
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