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  1. In our case using Mac OS 9.1 and VW 9 I have found that using drawings imported dwg and converted from 8.5.2 printing problems occur when moving the print rectangle. If I simply import the document and print. OK - move the print rectange no more printing. printers are a HP 4000 and 2 different epsons all with latest drives. Printing seems to work OK on a new V9 drawing. This doesn't help us much as all of our drawing we work on are imported from autocad. We take architect files and use them for construction and as builts. VectorWorks is of little use to us without being able to use these file. Currently I have shelved v9 and am using 852 which seems to work OK. (Darn I miss the new nudge scheme though)
  2. I have encountered a bug where copying and pasting an object can create two classes with the same name, In this case they are named DIM. they came from two objects from the same imported DXF file. Problem. only one of them can be deleted. the other one becomes blank and continously reappears. Annoying but doesn't seem to be causing any other problems.
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