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  1. It's a pain, but if you save your custom selection as a vectorscript with additional criteria that corresponds to the change you are making to the PIO, you can get through your changes a little faster by using the vectorscript, making your changes, and then running the script again. The additional criteria will make sure that the ones you have changed are not selected, and instead the next PIO in the wall is selected. Eventually the script will not select any PIOs- then you are done.

    It's not perfect, but it is faster than doing each one individualy- especially on large projects


  2. If you like to have Adjust Flipped Text on in general but want to have an individual text block rotated, you can manually enter the rotation in the object info pallette and that value will override the automatic adjustment.


  3. Is there a way of flipping a single object other than FlipHor and FlipVer? I don't want to be messing with my selection set while running my script.

    I'm hoping for something like HMove or HRotate, except for flipping.


  4. Since SelectObj() has the unfortunate behavior of only selecting the first symbol in a wall that meets its criteria, I need to write something a little more substantial.

    How can I get a list of symbols within a wall that I can either pass to ForEachObjectInList() or use NextObj() to traverse the list manually?

    I'm guessing that either FIn3D() or FInGroup() might work if I pass a wall handle to it.

    Has anyone else tried this?

  5. This has been bugging me since VW11, but I've just sucked it up and kept my mouth shut.

    Using Option-Drag to duplicate an object used to be a big part of my workflow, but it has been broken for quite some time.

    Holding down the option key on a selected object gives a nice '+' cursor, but when you click and move the object, it doesn't create a duplicate to move but just moves the original object(s)

    Occasionally it will make a duplicate, but only if there are no snap points involved.

    I'd really like to get this working again, because I can draw a lot faster with it.

  6. I'm workgroup referencing a building model into a file where I have various elevation and section viewports established.

    A while back I was working on the model file using the fit to roof command, and a few walls got messed up (crazy slopes and points in the -z). I went back and repaired these walls the next day with the 3d reshape tool.

    However, one of the walls is still messed up in the workgroup reference. It will not render properly even though it is fixed in the original file, the workgroup reference has been updated, and the viewports have been updated.

    Strange. It looks like clicking "Reverse Sides" on the fixed wall solved the problem. Go figure.

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