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  1. Like T? I?m an old hand with Autocad, and I?ve also got a limited amount of experience using Archicad, but I?ve recently changed employers and my new employers primary cad software is VW 12.5 I must say that I?m finding the learning curve for VW to be painfully steep, much more so than I found when learning Archicad. Though I?m sure I?ll be denounced as a heretic for speaking in such terms in this forum. Perhaps one reason why I found the leaning curve for the transition to Archicad easier to come to terms with is that Graphisoft have training guides specifically aimed at experienced Autocad users. However, Nemetschek don?t seem to acknowledge people like myself as a market sector. I don?t want my first post to sound entirely negative, because I?ve seen the work that my colleagues are producing, and I know that VW can generate the 3-D models extremely quickly. However, I do question CEA?s assertion that ?VectorWorks scores in that it offers proven 2D tools as well as robust architectural 3D tools? as I?m finding that VW is cumbersome for 2-D draughting and also crashes frequently. In conclusion, I would be delighted if someone could point me at a training resource for VW that can ease the pain of transition from Autocad.


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