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  1. Does anyone know how to deal with a Records and Schedules issue where you cant highlight either the records or schedules because the R&S window says [VA Default (Read Only)]. I know what it means - how do I change it? Thanks in advance.
  2. What's the best tool to use for laying out Hydronic Pex tubing runs in order to get each runs length? I've modeled the tubing for in slab hydronic heat with polylines and have been able to 1. extrude along path 2. convert to 3D poly's 3, covert to piping run and a couple other techniques to show the tubes really nicely... BUT I cant figure out how to get the lengths of each run onto a schedule/worksheet - Does anyone have any idea's? Much appreciate it in advance Ronin
  3. Need a bit of help Heres the scenario- had an electrical plan done with all circuits going to main panel. Had wrong panel, I needed 85 circuits instead of the 40 on the panel I got from Resource Browser. Added circuits #76/77 for a 240v run, #83 for a 115 V run, #84 for a 115 V run. Crashed the system! Tried to adjust existing panel in panel record by specifying 84 'spaces' Crashed the system. Tried to download new panel from RB - no panels with 84 spaces. Tried to creat a panel by making a symbol and naming it Panel 2A - no luck using it. Deleted all the panel symbols in RB to start fresh. Now without any panels in RB, when I go to create a Panel Schedule I get the choice of 3 diff panels. Where are these panels and how can i delete them? All circuits are still there and have Prefix of LPB-1 because that was the name of the orig panel. HELP, I need to get a new panel in place with 84 circuits/spaces and associate the existing circuits and the new ones to the new panel. What to do?
  4. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! It worked exactly like I'd envisioned. Don't know why I didnt think of the solution - to busy trying to figure it out I guess!! txs again R
  5. I have a confusing but simple problem - I need to rotate a roof object around the Y axis... I've used a roof object to make an outdoor umbrella out of a 9' hexagon, now I need to angle it to block the sun. I cant get a working plane onto the edge of the umbrella and when I make the umbrella thick unough for a plane it says the hybred object only rotates around a Z axis... How do I get a plan view (Z axis)from a working plane?
  6. Thanks I appreciate the wisdom R
  7. Is there a way to put doors in window walls, like in commercial store fronts where the door matches the window wall material etc.?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions... However I'm still looking a really nice videos with no date and/or time stamps. I've set the default font to 20 points and on the control panel I've set the time to 18 points and the date to 12 points - still nothing. the scale is 1:1 and the view is from the design layer. Anything else anyone can think of? txs in advance
  9. Can anyone give me a hint on how to make the animated Time or Date appear on a solar animation. Yes I know about the buttons on the control panel indicating which of the notations are SUPPOSED to show, but I'm getting nothing. Are the Date/Time Stamps set to a particular class or something easy I'm just not getting?
  10. today I went to use both the texture bed and Stake object but got a flag saying the tools were not in my Plug in folders. I checked and sure enough no mention of them in the folder - How do I get them into the folder? Should I reinstall VW or what?
  11. Thanks for the input. One question remains - what does the Min elevation on the Site model settings identify? does it mean the lowest elevation of the site model regardless of the elevations of the 3d contour lines. Or does it mean the lowest elevation of the lowest contour line. OR WHAT?
  12. Having a bit of a problem getting the right site model elevation. Here's the issue - have a lot with a building pad at 1014' above sea level. Lot ranges from 945' to 1056' above sea level. We set the 3D contours to accurately reflect real world - i.e. each contour line has real world elevations associated with it. When I set the site model to show lowest elevation at 945' (lowest real world elevation) we have a site model hovering above the building model etc.. Question 1 - what should the 3D contours elevations be set at so the site model sets up so the building pad at 1014' is sitting correctly on the site model. Question 2 - does the 'lowest' elevation on the Site Model reflect the real world 'lowest elevation' Question 3 - does the building's F.F. 0.0 get dictated by the it's layers elevation?
  13. does anyone out there have any idea as to why my model disappears in Open GL render mode? It only does this in Open GL and not in any other mode.
  14. Thanks for your time, it's been quite helpful. I get it now, but of course that means rejiggering my thinking, which brings up one last question regarding this issue. Q - since text (including dims) is really a consistent 'size' but merely looks bigger or smaller depending on the scale of the model layer, and one really only works in 1:1 but sees the text size in relation to the scale of the model layer... in order to have an easy time of annotating, given that each model layer is in a different scale (civil/site/floor plan) - what's the Best Practice for keeping all Text sizing consistent? I was thinking of a text only model layer, but then realized it would also have a scale, which only complicates the issue. OR is all text/dims etc best done in the VP annotation window. Again - txs for your time. R
  15. DWorks I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that: if my model space is at 1/4" - 1'0" and I create a VP at 1/8" - 1'0" from that model space, the VP and the model are then at two different 'sizes' even thought they're both 10 pt size? And thus the Advanced Properties should be changed to make both the model and the VP annotation 'look' similar in size? BTW - I actually tried this but found that only the text in the VP model space changed but the text VP Annotation stays 'the same'. OR am I missing something here? Because what happens if a VP is a combo of model layers in different scale, say a plan of a site underneath a floor plan etc.? How could you possibly annotate a VP in yet another scale comprised of model layers with different scales? Help!!! This is really a mind twister... and of course the CD's are DUE TODAY!! txs in advance!!
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