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  1. ok. I see. is this limitation of 600 dpi for A1 and larger formats? or is there an other dpi-limitation for e.g. A0? jay ps: thanks for the fast answer of my question!!
  2. hopefully someone can help me with my old vectorworks 10.5.1!! problem is: when I'm printing an A1 (to generate a PDF or directly to the plotter) with 1200 dpi (in vectorworks printing setting) there is NO output. if I change the format (e.g. to A2) there is an output. i recognized that if I use still A1 but reduce to 600 dpi there is also an output. so is there a possibility to print my document with 1200 dpi on an A1 (of course is depending of the complexity of the drawing) thanks a lot. jay
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