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  1. I noticed when meeting with another VectorWorks user who was demonstrating VW 12 that the command "Create Walls from Polygon," a great command in my current 10.5, is no longer available for Version 12.

    Is this true? [Confused]

    This is a command I used quite frequently in my work, and its omission will inevitably adversely affect my decision to upgrade to 12.

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  2. quote:

    Originally posted by Don Samuelson:

    The "Save as PDF" worked fine for floor plans but didn't work for rendered 3D views or rendered elevations. Anyone have a fix for this?

    G4 PowerBook 1.33

    I would export my rendered 3D views as either Photoshop or Jpg files, then I'd create PDF's out of the jpg's.

    For some reason, my Acrobat won't take a Photoshop file and create a PDF.

  3. Microspot X-Rip is OS X native. Make sure you have version 1.6x!

    Also, make certain that the USB dongle furnished by Microspot is in place and secure. Once you set up x-Rip, you will have to repair disk permissions on your Mac, restart the Mac, then try to plot. I have an Encad CadJet 2, and using X-rip, it plots everything. Even Excel worksheets.

    If you go to http://www.microspot.com/products/techInfo/xrip.htm you will find that your plotter is supported by x-Rip.

    One other thing- if you use a USB-to-parallel converter, make sure that it is compatible with X-rip. An early model that I had from Belkin was not, so I had to spring for one which I got direct from Microspot.

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by lgoodkind:

    I am unable to create pdf files from vectorworks 10.5. I have Acrobat 6 pro and it works with everything else. I used to plot by producing pdf files. Now I can't. Anyone have suggestions - please help!

    If you have a Macintosh and OS X, you can, using the Print dialog, hit "Save as PDF." Then you name the file, taking care to uncheck the "Hide Extension" box- especially if you plan to send the file to a PC user.

    The file will save as a document readable by Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat, I don't think, can take native VW and PowerCadd files and make PDF's out of them.

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  5. Tom, I feel your pain.

    I just discovered this tool, a replacement from the much simpler Leader Line Tool.

    What you do to edit is overly complex, in my opinion.

    You hit command-I and it brings up info on this callout. From there you can adjust all the attributes of the callout to your liking.

    It peeves me that one cannot adjust the text directly on the Drawing anymore with this tool.

  6. During the "import DXF/DWG" process, the process seemed to stall at the point where the progress bar stated "Converting proxies to Groups." It didn't freeze the program, it's just that the rainbow wheel kept spinning and spinning.

    What is wrong? [Confused]

    Mac G4/733 Quicksilver

    OS X 10.2.8

    1024 megs RAM

    VW 10.5.1

  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Jim Smith:

    John, if you have VW 8 or 9 & you have symbols that you found useful in an older version, you can still access these symbols. To do this go back to the older version of VW, save all the symbol folders you liked/used. Save the VW 8 or 9 file with a name like "symbols", quit VW8/9, open VW10, then reopen the VW8/9 file you just saved, and VW 10 will create a new file and your "old" symbols are now available in VW10. Just add this file as a resource in the resource pallet.

    Been there, done that. Good hint. Thanks.

  8. quote:

    Originally posted by Katie:

    Set the glazing to glazing style 1, 2 or 3.

    Set the jamb, trim, and other class settings to any one of the Style Classes (1-15)

    In the classes dialog box, set ONLY the GLAZING STYLE CLASS 1, 2, or 3 class to a NONE fill.

    Set the STYLE 1-15 class to a solid fill with whatever color or texture you want the frame to be.

    It sounds like you set both the glazing and the plain style classes to have a None fill.

    Window problem solved.


  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Katie:

    What type of mapping do you have set ?

    It sounds like you don't have planer or permeter mapping set by cylider or sphere mapping.

    (Click on the mapping button in the OIP palette>Textures tab)

    Neither cylinder nor sphere mapping give the desired result. It is currently on the "plane" mapping. (check image on previous response)

  10. Thanks for the tip.

    Meanwhile, here's an illustration of the problem:


    Note on the right is the texture "brick" from RenderWorks.

    On the left is the texture "Brick" from ImageCels.

    On the Right is the Window as configured from the plug-in.

    On the left is the window configured from the plug-in with class attributes applied.

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  11. What I've done:

    I have a Mac G4/733 running 1028 megs RAM, VW, and Xrip to my Encad CadJet machine.

    I merely set up my Generic HP-RTL to virtual print to a folder in my computers and it saves files with an xrip suffix, which I change to .plt.

    I retain the settings I worked very hard to obtain for the Cadjet.

    I found that, with the sheet settings, I had to go beyond the preset borders for 24 x 36 D sheet, and for the C sheet as well, to get the proper size I wanted. Once solved for the Encad, this solution also worked for the virtual print file.

    I didn't use the presets that came with X-rip. I believe this is key.

  12. Every time I make windows using the Window resource plug-in object, I get in Renderworks mode windows that are totally opaque.

    So I followed the suggestion that a tech person gave to me to change the settings under classes, and now the darn window glazing AND frame come out transparent!


    Please can I have a REAL solution to this problem?

  13. VW 10.5 with RenderWorks on mac OS X 10.2.8

    This is a real letdown!

    For example, the horizontal siding texture in ImageCels renders out in Final RenderWorks as a muddled mess of circles and diagonals. That didn't happen in VW 8.5.

    Even the brick texture in Renderworks that was furnished with the program didn't render properly, rendering as a brick red almost solid mess.

    Also, I tried editing the windows created with the Window maker resource using classes to make the objects transparent and the result that came out was a window with transparent frames and glazing. Terrible, really terrible!

    I now have to resort to creating windows from scratch to get what I want. VectorWorks has seen better days! [Mad]

  14. I use a Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse with my Powerbook.

    Works just fine. If one installs MS' software then one can program it to respond "right click" for control-click.

    Besides, it's cheap- around $15-20.

    Who really needs a ball mouse?

  15. quote:

    Originally posted by Katie:

    Do you have the dongle plugged in when you launch VW?

    An interesting point.

    Now my version of VW doesn't come with a dongle, but my Microspot Graphic Pack does, and I constantly have to check to see that it is properly plugged into the USB Port and it's active (dongle for MGP lights up).

    It's a pain, and it's easy to lose. I lose it and Microspot will replace it for $399! [Mad]

  16. quote:

    Originally posted by jhutchison:However, I just spoke to Microspot, and the OSX version of GraphicPak does not/will not support the "Save as Raster" command.

    When I contacted Microspot their OS X solution was the Microspot X-RIP driver. It seems to work on HP 500, 800, and 2000 machines only. Far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a GraphicPak that is OS X compatible.

    You may be better off using the GraphicPak solution for creating raster files in OS 9.x until such time that Microspot or others come up with a real solution that is other than a substitute for a PostScript RIP.

  17. quote:

    My Vectorworks files are often 25-40 MB. I do not use Vectorworks for any 3D work.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    How is it your VectorWorks files are 40 megabytes big? confused.gif" border="0

    The only way mine get that big is if I scan 24 x 36 images and try to use them.

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