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  1. thanks.... got it to work now.. increased the Pict Export to 10,000 DPI and Printing to 10,000 DPI.. then, zoomed in approx. 51,000%, and then exported pdf at on-screen resolution (if that did anything)
  2. thanks for all your help.. 70+ views and no suggestions.. thanks
  3. Hi, I'm a student and I am running Vectorworks 2008 SP1 on MacOSX 10.4.10. I made a design for my research with a network of circles (300 microns in diameter). I need to create a very high resolution pdf file to submit to the print shop where basically, I need to be able to zoom into the pdf file and still see accurate detail of my design. However, when I export to pdf, I am getting a file that has distorted some my circles by making some oblong and some normal. I have attached a zoomed screen shot of my design in vw2008, a screen shot of the created pdf (to see the difference) and the actual vwx file. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. ok.... i have VectorWorks 12.01 on a Mac OSX 10.48 i made a design for a micromodel with extremely fine details (in the 300 micrometer range). Now i need this to be printed on a large transparency which is done by the printing department in my school. They accept post script files for printing. When I convert my mcd file to ps, it looks fine at normal (100% magnification). However, as I increase the magnification, I notice that some of my lines are not smooth anymore and are somewhat distorted. Does anyone know how to make a high resolution post script or pdf? If not directly in VectorWorks, maybe some other program to do it??
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