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  1. VW2008 on Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 running 10.4.11. When I go to move object with the mouse, the screen will jump around on me so that when I release the object, it is pasted in the wrong place. Double pressing "z" refreshes the screen to the correct location, but then my viewbar ends up jumbled and unreadable for a few minutes. It hasn't prevented me from production too much, but it is extremely annoying.
  2. I'm a long time user and I've been having this problem too with VW2008. When I move a text box it disappears until I double press "z". If I quit VW and reopen it, the problem goes away for about an hour or so, and I restart again. I think this is definitely a bug that needs addressing. Please also see my posting on other problems moving objects. I use VW2008 on a Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5 running OSX 10.4.11
  3. I think the export PDF or batch export PDF is loaded with bugs. I for some reason can't export a PDF that shows objects drawn using the Parking Space tool or the Propety line tool. At least that 's my guess as everything but those will export. If I don't turn those off (in the viewport), VectorWorks unexpectedly quits when I try to export the PDF. I use a G5, OS 10.4.10, VW 12.5.2. Any thoughts? This one is hard to work around.
  4. Actually I found a work around by classifying the leaf type as a panel door rather than a glass door, thankfully I didn't need mullions. I'll send you a file with just that door.
  5. Everytime I render a door using by giving it a style 1,2,3, etc. class in the door settings dialog box, the exterior side of the door remains unrendered (Ext. Rail/Styles). Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a work around I haven't considered?
  6. How exactly did you do that? Is there a tool for creating an image texture & adjusting its size?
  7. Basically I have a Bank logo with graphic art & text and I'm trying to apply it to a curved sign in 3D. Much like pasting a decal of said bank logo to a round coffee cup. Since I had the EPS & Adobe Illustrator I exported the file as a DWG from Illustrator so I could bring it into VW as a series of 2D polylines. Now I'm try to apply it to curved 3D surface. I would imagine that VW would have some 3D feature to allow some way to bend this logo around a curve. My current work around is to approximate the text with the text along path tool & segment the extruded graphics around the curve. This seems time consuming & I would imagine someone has run into this problem before?
  8. I'm trying to exrude a company logo, which is a series of polylines around a curved surface, much like taking a sticker and pasting around a coffee mug, but in 3D CAD somehow. I've briefly explored every 3D tool that VW12.5.0 has to offer, yet I can't seem to figure this one out. Can anybody lend me some advice?
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