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  1. Is there a vectorscript that will automatically update/recalculate worksheets on opening a file?
  2. Is there a way to call record format data from a separate file in Vectorworks 2011?
  3. I haven't tried that, because its complicated... There are multiple sheet layers and design layers, and there are referenced viewports and well as workgroup referenced layers. It would be a lot more complicated than a simple "cut and paste into place"
  4. Sorry about that; I'm sure that helps. It happens when I edit ANY symbol in the affected file. There are 130 symbols in one file, but many more are linked to other files.
  5. My VWX file, which is about 106 mB (Exterior elevations)crashes every time I edit and exit a symbol. It is also spreading; any files linked to it will also crash the same way. Is there any way to repair the database that contains the symbols?
  6. Our office is also experiencing problems with the HP Designjet 4500ps. Some computers (not all) have issues with certain files. There are two issues: 1. Some plots come out with only a gray silhouette (including white backgrounds) 2. Some plots will only print as postscript, indicated by "ps" on the display panel on the plotter. These files spool directly from the computer, locking anyone else from plotting. Some files can take as long as 3 hours. These files do not necessarily have images in them.
  7. I recently upgraded to a 24" imac, and my resource browser, after migration seems to be off the screen and I can't get it back. I tried toggling on/off in windows/palette but it doesn't help. Any ideas on getting it back?
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