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  1. I can't seem to get the DNS to take with the above help. Has anybody running VW2012, FMPro 11 and Lion gotten a connection between their database and VW? I've tried all 3 manager tools and when I get to the end of the setup and click "add" is the name of the System DSN supposed to be in the System Data Sources window so that you can Add, Remove or configure? If yes, it doesn't show up in mine and I have what are supposed to be the latest ODBC drivers for Filemaker. It sees the database, FM is set to share to all users and I can test the connection in the ODBC manager and it passes. Both files are on the same computer If anyone could help, that would be great.
  2. Updated. Re-importing the labels didn't help. One thing I've noticed is that when I did delete the labels and then reimported them, the "active" fixture label had nothing check marked. I could then drop 2D fixtures into the plot and the label manager data was not shown. I could then tell it what label to use and everything was fine...sort of. When placing the fixture, there would be what looks like some extra field that wants to be attached to the fixture, like a placeholder. It almost looks like it's about the same size as when you go to add text to a drawing. 3D fixtures do not exhibit this anomaly. I can post a picture if someone can tell me how to attach it to the post. One other thing. I am new to Screen Plane and Layer Plane, but what I just noticed is that my 2D fixtures are set to Layer plane and my 3D fixtures don't have that option to change that since they are 3D. I noticed that if I was set to Screen plane and dropped the fixture in, I would get the label manager blob, but if I set the view up as layer plane the label manager blob doesn't show up and everything is fine. Needless to say, I am turning that choice off, as I don't use it.
  3. I've encountered this using 2012. I have been able to backtrack to a week prior and the problem wasn't there, but a lot of work has happened in that week so I am not sure what corrupted the label legend. It seems to only happen with my 2D symbols. I've gone in and deleted what looked like the offending label, but it didn't work. I instead had to delete all of them which is a bummer when you have a few thousand fixtures in your rig and now have to rebuild all of the different labels that you created for all the different fixture types. I guess the next thing I'll do is delete the labels and then try to import them from an uncorrupted backup.
  4. hello, I just upgraded to a Macbook Pro 15.4" 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of 1333 MHz of DDR3 RAM (early 2011 model) and VW 2011 is running slow. I was running 2010 on the same machine and had no issues with refresh rates or drawings. I am using VW with Renderworks and Spotlight with no 3rd party symbols. OS 10.6.7 and yes, permissions have been repaired and still same issue. I seem to notice the problem is more noticeable when working with many viewports. Resizing my pages and waiting for the screen to refresh is as most have noticed, coffee break time. It took upwards of 30 seconds to open a layer that had 10 viewports. I have also used this on an iMac 27" and have the same issues. Thanks in advance, Gary Lighting Director The House of Dancing Water, Dragone Theatre Macau, China
  5. So I am guessing that the most ironic thing to do is to export out DWG from a VW file and then re-import into another VW file the DWG so that I can see the Viewports. This seems really silly to not be able to import or merge 2 VW files. This is the project: Lightplot in VW done at a different time than, Circuit plot for new theatre done at a different time than, the running light layout, done at a different time. Viewports were made in all 3, but I will now have to take the time to recreate those after copy/paste of all layers into new doc. ARRRRRGGGGHHH. Import should include another VW document.
  6. Hello, I would really like to request a way to make the files read only or write limited. Much like what you can do with Filemaker and other such sofware apps. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, Besides manually copy/paste of data from one file to another, is there a way to import one VW file into another so that it brings in the Viewports and other data? Or is there a way to import the Viewports after the copy/paste alternative. Thanks in advance. Gary
  8. Hello, Besides printing out the file in pdf or using VW viewer, is there a way to lock the file to make it read only so that outside users can't take the file and open it on their system? Thanks in advance.
  9. So, now we are into VW 2010, any idea of when this will be implemented and how?
  10. And by working, it looks like you don't need to spend the time to download....again.
  11. okey dokey. It's not just me. And no I haven't renamed the folder, as the app asked you to do in the past (in OSX) My serial starts with an "A" as well and I haven't had many issues since I was first using Minicad. I also have to say that I even BLOCKED Xslimmer from changing this app, even if it meant saving me some space. Thanks ccroft for the detailed input, I didn't have the energy to do it. Too many presents to wrap. lol.
  12. Howdy, I downloaded the SP2 for my VW2009 Mac version and when I try to update it says that I don't need to. When I go into the check for updates it says I need to. My about Vectorworks says its SP1 and the build is 96841. I just downloaded through the check for updates and again it says I don't need this update. Any ideas. Do I just have a super kick butt version of VW that no one else has? My permissions look ok. I am using 10.5.6 on a macbook pro 2.8ghz.
  13. It's just funny/helpful (for me) that it has been included in the Show Data section, if they don't want you to edit it. Thanks everyone.
  14. And after doing a bit more digging since I can't publish this plot without fixing this problem... If I get rid of Circuit Name and Circuit Number from the label legend, I can move all the other label items around. Hope this helps someone figure out what's up.
  15. Okay, It's been a while since I heard anything back, but here goes it again. I am still having trouble with my label legends and the ability to move them. I started over with the plot, sorted out some layer issues and thought everything would be great, but when after I imported the data from my Filemaker 9 database, I couldn't move any of the label legends on any light. I made a new document and used the same Soft Symbols (the v3 with VW 12, set) and the legends all move around fine in the other document. I have come to this conclusion, the label legend placement seems to get locked in after my import from an excel file. Is there something that is being imported that is corrupting my label. I only import the important stuff like channel, cable, circuit, color, gobo, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I have a quick question. What exactly does the Do Not Edit field in the object info window do? The reason I ask is because I am having issues with instrument labels and moving the fields around and I found that even when I get rid of the label legend, purge unused items and delete it from the label legends folder in the symbol folder, I still had constraint points showing up where the data was when there was a label. To get rid of all those points, but still keep my data, I went in, selected all my lights and selected Show Data radio box and then deleted the number in the Do Not Edit field and BAM! all the label legend points disappeared. Question is, did I just do something that will screw up my plot. All data is still there, it seems it just zeroed out all the label positioning. Thanks in advance, Gary
  17. Well, I am now having the same problem with source 4 pars and with instruments that have a scroller attached to them. Cheers
  18. Hello Kevin, Did you guys get the file okay?
  19. I talked to Jim yesterday there at nemetschek tech support and sent him a sample last night, but it will be later tonight before I can send you an example, my firewall doesn't like me sending 4mb files out. Also, I just tried to move the labels I had been able to move fine yesterday in the example I sent Jim, and now they don't move. Oh yeah when I thought it was fixed, it wasn't.
  20. For those of you that have this problem, here's a workaround if you haven't already figured it out..... When you initially create your label legend, leave out the Gobo field, you can add it later. That is the trick. Go ahead and fill out all info for all your lights, get to the plot, move the fields that are interfering with other lights and then when you're happy with everything, go into Label Manager and add the gobo field into that label legend for your lights and then if it works like my version, you should be able to move all your data fields and the gobo field as well. Cheers.
  21. Well see I would believe that it might be a problem with the label and that it was corrupt except for the fact that when I delete the gobo info, the number, and refresh the label, everything is free to move. Believe me, I have tried to make new labels, delete the old ones, even start from scratch, but nope. Also, I thought it might be my use of the Mr. Template fixture templates, but the problem even occurs in VW stock lighting symbols. Try it. If you can't make it happen, I would like to know how.
  22. Okay I am sure a few of you might have seen this one before, but I haven't found any resolution. I am using OSX10.4.9 on an Intel Mac Pro and I keep getting the An Undetermined 'socket error' has occurred attemting to connect to the Internet" message. The Installer (newest one off the VW website) was updating from 12.0.0 to 12.5.1. It ran through the installation but when it got to the "Finishing" part, that error window came up. The registration process worked fine in 12.0, but why won't it work now? My company is behind a firewall, they typically use port 8080, but I also have their port 80 server address and neither of those work. Is it still something with my companies firewall/port usage or what? I guess I understand that Nemetschek is trying to verify serial numbers and versions, etc., but if a specific port is being used to talk to the VW server, this is a bit of a head ache for people behind firewalls. Some of the IT guys aren't too happy to open up ports that the Home Office has decided to close.
  23. Howdy. I've had this problem for a while and still can't seem to work around it. I can make new label legends and assign them to instruments, but when I go in to change the position of some of the data, like the channel, dimmer, purpose, color, circuit name and #, I am unable to move that field on the plot, but I am able to move the gobo. I then click and try to move one of the other fields and the gobo field goes back into it's original location. I have started all the way from the beginning with new labels, but nothing seems to help. I am using 12.5 on OSX10.4.9. Now I have tried to update to 12.5.1, but I am having issues with that, but that's another story. EDIT:Okay, it seems that my problem only really happens when I have a gobo number in the gobo field or an accessory attached. When I erase the gobo entry and refresh the field, everything is fine. Thanks in advance for the help.
  24. I am using VW 12.5 with Mac OSX10.4.8 and I am having issues moving some labels. I have to go through and make a new label legend in the label legend manager, go to each light and change their label legend name. If I go to another light before moving a piece of their legend I can't move the label on the previous light. Also, when changing the label legend on 2 or more lights, I can't move label parts on either light. I have tried to refresh the labels, refresh the instruments, bang my head against the desk and even threaten the plot, but to now avail. Is there anyone out there that has seen this or has a solution to this? I am using the Field Template Soft Symbols Ver.12 for my instruments, but this shouldn't have anything to do with it, right?
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