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  1. Hi Peter, I did have the "click drag drawing" checkbox unchecked. As far as (") is concerned, I'm aware of it being implied, I was just making a point at the cumbersomeness of entering 2'3 1/2 might be with the left hand--I'm not very good at it. Maybe I can get real good at never using my right hand on the keyboard in VW. Thanks, Daryl
  2. Hi Katie, Yes, you got there. I can make that work but was curious that I had to maintain holding the left mouse button down while imputing in the offset field my offset distance with the left hand. It's just that I'm use to typing with both hands and will have to figure out where the right hand keys are for the left hand to press and to hold the shift key down when I need to input feet and inch (',") symbols. I'll get use to it or figure out some sort of work around. Maybe I can put a clamp on the left mouse button, Ha! Thanks for your help. Daryl
  3. Hi Katie, No, I'm not trying to rotate, lengthen or shorten the wall, just trying to get it to move acurately without having to reconnect it to adjacent walls--this seems too time consuming for an application as powerful as VW. I just want to move the wall say 2' to the left by inputing the exact distance in the offset field. I'm fairly new to VW but have had years of experence with many different CAD tools and each has a simple way to move a wall accurately without it disconnecting
  4. Hi Katie, Thanks for the reply but I'n not trying to lengthen the wall, rather moving it perpendicular to it's length. Daryl
  5. Hi George, Boy, do I need to figure this one out. It must be a setting somewhere because I doesn't seem to make a difference how I do it, I cannot get to the offset field without holding down the left mouse button. Thanks for trying. Daryl
  6. George, thanks for the reply, but I'm still missing something. When you "start to drag", I'm assuming you're holding the left mouse button down, and when you "release" I'm assuming you let go of the left mouse button. When I do that I click-drag the wall and as soon as I let go of the mouse button, the wall stops moving and I cannot get to the offset field to type anything unless I hold the left mouse button down while moving the wall, tab and then type in the offset field with my left hand. If I use the Ctrl-M move command or the nudge command, the walls disconnect. Is there any way to click and release to drag and then tab into the offset field to relocate? Daryl
  7. How do I move a selected wall by tabbing into the datum offset field and entering a precise distance? Every time I select the wall and begin to move it with the mouse I cannot tab into the offset field and enter a precise dimension without dropping the wall. Just moving the wall and watching the offset field change works only to a preset increment and not necessarily to the offset dimension I need. I am sure I'm missing something. Daryl
  8. Going into the workspace editor under tools, I see that my framing member tool is lined out with a strike through line. All other tools are available. And yes, I do have the "Architect" version of VW. Apparently I'm missing a file in the plug-ins folder but I don't know which one it is. Daryl
  9. when selected gives me a info dialog that says "The plug-in tool "Framing Member Tool" could not be selected. Check to make sure it is in your "Plug-ins" folder." I have 3 files in the plug-ins folder relative to the framing member tool: Framing Member Tool.vst FramingMember.qtr FramingMember.sdo Am I missing something? Thanks, Daryl
  10. It appears there is no way to reposition worksheet rows and columns. I have worksheets that contain database headers and the only way I can get the data to display at the desired column location is to change the associated database header. No way to move the rows and columns. Am I missing something? Daryl
  11. It seems the norm that if I choose I-joist for my joist config option, the joist hanger options grey out. What am I missing here? Daryl
  12. Thanks, I'll look into both ways--object creation and extruded polyline. Daryl
  13. After successfully framing a floor platform, I now want to show a 3d subfloor material on top. Should that be done with the 3d extruded polygon tool? Daryl
  14. I have a floor framing plan designed using the framing by polyline tool. Now, if I select one of the joists, the object info palette "length" field tells me it is say 12'6", I have created a record format that includes the joist label reference field "Ref", a description field "Type", a quantity field "Qty" and a length field "Length". Now, if I create a worksheet for a schedule and have it summed to get the joist quantity, how can I have it tell me the length of the joists, say 12'6", and have the length data dynamically linked to the length field in the object info palette? If this is possible, and I have to change a wall position which will say lengthen my joists, the length field automatically updates. What I'm looking for is to tap the system variable that contains the length information that is displayed in the object info palette. Is this possible or am I nuts! Daryl
  15. How can I show wall section detail in a section viewport? All I currently have is a filled red wall.
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