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  1. in sheet layer viewports. All viewport section layers and classes turned on--no section lines.
  2. Peter, yes, in part. I would like a list of joists rounded up to the nearest whole foot because rounding down is a bad thing. By rounding up I would have a framing schedule that tells carpenters to go to the material stack and get 8- 35' joists, not 8- 34'3 3/8" joists. The lumber yard will cut up to the next higher foot. This function would be used for other members as well. I sometimes have say 6 joists in a framed bay area where a couple of them lie in the 45 degree angles. I want to have all of them ID'd the same and with the length be rounded up to the nearest whole foot.
  3. Does anyone have a formula for rounding up a real number to the next higher integer? I'm trying to get a length in dimensional feet and inches to round up to the next whole foot when the fractional part is less than 6". I want 12'4" to round up to 13'. Any ideas are appreciated.
  4. If you are the type that would edit a plug-in with the VectorScript Plug-in editor beware, a lock plug-in (like a door) can have it's parameters changed resulting in VW lockup, your workspace scrambled and not being able to open your drawing file. I was simply trying to rename the door user fields from User Field 1 to something more meaningful and it whacked me. To resolve, I had to dump VW and restart, undo the editing I had done in the plug-in and edit my workspace to restore the workspace and file access. Bummer VW. If you lock a plug-in, do not allow users to edit the parameters of a locked plug-in.
  5. Thanks Robert, that answers many questions about the real field names. Now, assuming I have the syntax figured out, on with the schedules.
  6. Does anyone know the database header syntax to pick up the door object "manufacturer"? When trying to paste the field criteria from the manufacturer field in a worksheet database header, the result is: =(('Door'.'UseSymDef')) which does not yield the manufacturer information. This looks a lot like a bug.
  7. Is there a way to not print worksheet column and row alphanumerics? Just want the data.
  8. Jeff, what I have discovered is this: You can globally edit data you create in a format record and attach to an object. Simply use the "tools/custom selection" option and add your record format criteria. For example, you cannot globally edit the "manufacturer" filed that is part of a door object. You can , however, globally edit a manufacturer field in an attached record format. So, to keep it simple, create a record format that contains all the potentially global editable fields for a given object and attach it to all the objects using tools/custom selection. The data you attach is then globally editable and can be referenced in a worksheet. There is one little issue here and I'll use doors to illustrate, apparently the "tools/custom selection" tools will only select one door per wall. If there are additional doors attached to a wall, only one of them is selected. This is indeed wierd but it is the way VW is currently developed to work. Hope this helps.
  9. So Pete, unless I make each window into a symbol, I would need to know all the windows parameters (manufacturer, frame finish etc.) so that I can set the default settings prior to placing any windows? Either that or edit individually every window to get the data populated? If that is indeed the case, somebody at VW was not thinking when they conceptualized these tools. It is not at all uncommon that window data changes prior to producing finished construction drawings. Am I singing to the choir here?
  10. Is there a way to group edit windows without first creating symbols. Can I select all the windows and change the manufacturer without going into each window data record?
  11. Hi Ruth, Pete's techniques here I believe are the best for forming complex roofs in VW. They work, just time consuming. Maybe in a future release, the VW engineers will provide us a tool to quickly ID the intersect points or to at least go ahead and move the face edge to the intersecting point rather than have their users spend so much time with conversion and hidden line tools. One technique that was told to me that seemed to work good is to modify/convert/convert copy to lines. That way you don't distroy the roof face objects. However, the created lines lie under the roof faces and are not visible until you either move the roof faces or assign them to another class and turn them off, or assign the copy lines to different class and then activate the line class... easy right? Good luck,
  12. In practice, should keynotes for a plan be placed in the sheet viewport as viewport annotations as opposed to placeing them on the specific plan design layer? It seems like keynotes may work best on the sheet viewport, that way the note list placement is flexible on the drawing sheet. Any opinions?
  13. Warn the user that he/she is about to place an object in an invisible layer or class and allow the user to change the layer/class prior to pasting object.
  14. Hi TBrown, I understand you frustration because I have seen the same problem on roof framing for holes in chimney chases. It seems that VW does not see the hole so you will have to create the hole with framing and adjust to fit. Also, the framing tool assumes a starting location for spacing with no ability to specify so you will have to adjust for that as well. It is good to have VW at least provide starting points for framing so they can be adjusted and show up in the live sections, just takes a little more work. Daryl
  15. I would bet you are limited to the data VW presents in the window properties dialog for how the window presents itself. However, you could add a record format that includes fields of data that you need and is not part of the window properties and then tie the data you create to the window schedule worksheet so the window schedule worksheet contains data from both sources.
  16. I have a set of rafters I need to head-off. This head-off will be perpendicular to the rafter angle. When using a framing member tool, VW tells me that I can only rotate a hybrid object on the Z axis, probably due to the 2d component of the hybrid. Okay, so should I then just use a 3d object? Daryl
  17. After coming to the conclusion that VW's roof framing tools are limiting and cumbersome with not being able to frame roof face objects, my suggestion would be to buy Sketchup 6 and use it to model any roof framing you need then import the views as necessary.
  18. Now, if I could only get VW to stop asking me if I want to render or wireframe my view I would be happy. I try to work alot in hidden line render but sure wished VW would hold the hidden line mode. Daryl
  19. Thank you Peter, that was easy. Daryl Wood
  20. Is it possible to delete a hole in a roof face? The hole was originally placed for a chimney chase and now we are removing the fireplace. I just don't want to redraw the roof face. Daryl
  21. Better yet, buy two of them and put all the palettes on one of the monitors. You will have lots of design space and expanded palettes as well.
  22. Thanks again Pete, I was just trying to duplicate record formats and worksheets and change the relationships between the two in order to save time since all of the formatting and content is the same. I try not to reinvent the wheel on these types of things if I can help it. So it sounds like the answer to my original question is-- no it is not possible to redirect a worksheets target to a record format. Daryl
  23. Thanks Pete, Do you know if there is a way to change the target record format a worksheet is based on? When I create a new report using tools/report, I get the option in the dialog box to specify which record format to associate the worksheet to. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a way to change the target record format once the worksheet is created. I'm trying to use a previously created and formatted worksheet as a template for a new worksheet but can't seem to change the target record format of the duplicated worksheet. Daryl
  24. Is there a concatenate operator that will allow me to combine two field values in a worksheet report? For example: I want a single worksheet database header to return the joist width and height values from the object info dialog together. Result would look something like 5 1/8"x12", the 5 1/8" comes from the object info width field and the height from the object info height field. Daryl
  25. It appears that VW does not allow showing joist hangers at the ends of I-Joists. Is that correct? Daryl
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