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  1. What about shifting the associated hatch pattern? If I'm using a board and baton hatch, can I shift the associated hatch so one of the batons line up where I want them? Daryl
  2. The 2d reshape tool works to a point, just not what the ACAD stretch tool does. I'll just have to work around this limitation. Thanks for your help.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a technique in VW to stretch the endpoints of 2d objects similar to ACAD's stretch command? Thanks
  4. Thank you very much, that was simple.
  5. Identifying a design layer an object resides on is difficult unless the design layer happens to be active. Is there any way to ID an object's design layer without activating each and every design layer and then trying to select the object? Thanks
  6. How can I import a dwg file and have the imported objects take on the native class attributes of the current file, current file being the one receiving the import? Currently, all imported dwg layers change the corresponding class attributes. Don't want that! Thanks, Daryl
  7. I have a symbol open for edit and want to export the contents of the symbol to a flat 2d dwg file. The export errors with an internal error and the export fails. The symbol is a title block with line art, text and graphics. Thanks in advance. Daryl
  8. Daryl Wood


    Hey Dave and Jack, Good to see you two here, good luck with aeccadpro.com
  9. Katie, the file I was trying to import is a Sketchup 6 file.
  10. Thanks Katie for the reply but I couldn't get your suggestion to work.
  11. does not appear to work in the latest VW 12.5.1. Is that correct?
  12. Thanks Vsd for the reply. It looks like the short answer is, unless you want to mess with VScript, you cannot access the data fields of a roof object within a worksheet. I am one that believes any software that bills itself as a BIM application, will need to allow simple access to all the drawing data in order to build simple custom solutions in order to make BIM really work...I'll keep hoping VW gets there in the future.
  13. How can I return the OIP data for a roof face in a worksheet?
  14. Hi Grant, yes I tried the excel functions just for kicks and could not make them work. Are you the same Grant Marshall that I see on the Sketchup forum occasionally? Welcome.
  15. Thanks Darick for the reply but that does not work. For a 9'1 1/8" frame wall it returns values below 12"
  16. Hi Pete, I'm hoping your name is Pete. I have had success with the Length() field, although it returns inches and needs to be divided by 12 to get feet (I'm not aware of this little fact being stated anywhere in a help file or manual). I would like to return the data from the +/- Z field, I set my wall heights in that field. Any ideas on worksheet syntax?
  17. Thanks Charles, I can make that work.
  18. Joe, I share your frustrations. If I could help you, I could help myself as I'm looking for the same answers. It seems that we can get and report data from just about everything else, just not walls. If so, someone would have had the answer by now. That leaves me to believe no one has a clue. I'll let you know if I stumble into something.
  19. Thanks Pete. Is the a way to gain access to the OIP field data for walls to use in a worksheet?
  20. Why does this worksheet function return an average wall height that is different than the actual average height of the wall? I have a wall that is 2' tall and the returned value is 2'8".
  21. Joe, are you looking for wall style data or wall data that is found in the OIP? Those are two different things. The wall style report that others have mentioned is only going to report data on wall styles.
  22. Wierd, for some reason it was not there until I restarted VW. Then the button showed up. Thanks for the feedback.
  23. Thanks for the reply, should that button be below the "Advanced Properties" button?
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