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  1. Hello Pat, Answers to your questions: Set the tool and leave it active. Yes on the scripting experience in other languages. Yes I'm comfortable editing the script. No, the script does not need to set the defaults back. Yes, I intend to use the script functionality on numerous tools. Thanks Pat for the SetRField syntax. Part of the problem here is not having good scripting examples for to review and determine how they work. If I could see the scripts for the tools already in VW then lots of my questions could be answered. There are lots of script commands and just knowing what does what seems to be just a trial and error approach which takes more time than I have sometimes.
  2. I have used the "custom/tool attribute" command to create custom tool settings for the "repetitive unit" tool. I have been successful having the command create vectorscript to make the repetitive unit tool active, set the desired class and design layer, but am having difficulty understanding how to get the script to set the correct default file and symbol for the repetitive unit. Have read the "Setting Parameter Values from Scripts" section in the VS Language Guide, but am still confused. I need a simple example to get over this block. In short, I'm looking for a custom tool script to set: -the repetitive unit tool active -the correct class and design layer -all the attributes to "Class Style" -the pitch to a desired value -the symbol catagory and default symbol.
  3. How to make angled end cabinets. If forced to use standard box's, which is what it looks like all I can do with VW's cabinet tools, how do I show a continuous countertop.
  4. How can I take a shape that is made up of many individual lines and turn it into a single polyline object without individually clicking on each line segment and connecting it to the next line segment? In other words, is it possible to group select all the lines and have them connect to their common points resulting in the single polyline object? Thanks
  5. When creating a custom tool to work with a certain fill style, say hatch for example, the tool script, when executed, will set the correct fill style for the tool no matter which fill style is currently set except for the "Class style". The script will not change the fill style from "Class style" to the "hatch style". Does this look like a bug?
  6. New to the VW2008 upgrade. I have a sheet layer with a few view ports on it. The only way I can select a specific view port is to select the entire view port with a selection marquee. In 12.5, I was able to click anywhere on the view port to select it. Also, I'm not getting a move cursor with the selection tool when over the view port. What's happening here? Have I got a configuration problem? Thanks,
  7. Hello Jonathan, I think your missing my point. I understand how to use the custom tool/attribute command and I don't need a book or tutorial to tell me how. VW2008,sp3 does not seem to work with the repetitive unit tool. Probably because vectorscript does not have a toolid integer to identify the repetitive unit tool. Thanks,
  8. Looking in the Vectorscript appendix, I do not find a toolid selector for the repetative unit tool. Do some tools have toolid's that can be called with "CallTool(toolID:integer)". I'm just trying to setup a custom tool to use the repetative unit tool with the correct attributes, symbol, layer and class settings, and cannot seem to get there. Regards
  9. Where does one find a listing of tool integer ID numbers used in the vectorscript "CallTool(toolid:integer)" function? Anyone know?
  10. I am having difficulty setting up a custom tool script. Maybe I'm not understanding the limitations of the functionality in VW. I want to set up the repetitive unit tool to use a certain symbol and settings in the object properties dialog, and set a specific class active. I then want to execute this custom tool script and get to drawing with all the correct settings. Trouble is, using the custom tool tool does not set the a current class or the correct tool, it wants to set the "massing model" tool active. Nothing seems to work like I think it should. What am I missing?
  11. Anyone have experience with VW's new support of the 3d space navigator. Does it work in hidden line mode? Any comments appreciated. Regards
  12. Well, I agree with the idea of maintaining true scale on symbols that need that. However, there are a number of simple 2d symbols that may be used many times in a drawing that really require different sizes based on the application and true scale is not important. For example, I have a cut line symbol with a hidden polyline with white fill on one side. I use this to show cuts and mask the cut side. Simple, fast! However, I need this to be different sizes based on what I'm trying to cut. I really only want one of these symbols to use for all applications. Sorry, I still want a simple option to scale symbols instances when placed or via a dialog.
  13. Work around after work around. Let's keep it simple. How about requesting that Nemetschek add scalable functionality to symbols??? Cannot be that difficult. Just do it and add it to the next maintenance release. Daryl
  14. Thanks, Seems like every CAD application I'm aware of except VW can scale symbols (blocks).
  15. Is it possible to scale a symbol instance in 12.5.3? Regards
  16. Hello Peter, Sometimes you can scratch your head until it bleeds and look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why. I just didn't notice the little drop down box in the section line instances dialog that allows them to be made visible in a viewport. I'll go put a bandage on my head. Thanks for your help!
  17. Peter, here's something interesting. I created a blank document with a single design layer, created a box with 8' walls, created a section viewport and placed it on a new sheet layer called "Test". Then I created a regular VP on the design layer and place it also on the test sheet layer. I cannot get the section marker visible in the plan viewport. Daryl
  18. Peter, followed Pat's advice, then changed the SVP design layer and into the "None" class. They still don't show up in my floor plan viewports. Are you successful placing a viewport section line and having the marker visible? Is this me specific or do you have the same problem in 12.5.3? How about V 2008? Daryl
  19. Hello Peter, Yes, the section lines are created as part of the "create section viewport" command as opposed to a simple drawn marker. Also, my viewports are in top/plan view and the "Project 2d Objects" check box is checked. Also the design layer the section markers are assigned to is at the top of the stacking list. Still no section lines. Thanks for the reply.
  20. I have a drawing with section lines on their own design layer, assigned to their own class. I cannot get the section lines to show up on sheet layer viewports with the section line layer and class visibility turned on in the viewport. This is perplexing! Daryl
  21. Is it possible to change a 2d symbol insertion origin without recreating the symbol? If so, how? Regards,
  22. Thanks Ramon for the work around. I moved the preferences folder out of the plug-ins location and was able to get it to work. Go figure. Thanks again, Daryl Wood
  23. How do it get VW to recognize the "Room Finish Library.txt" file in a space object assign room finishes dialog box? I want to set room finishes but they are not available on the assign room finishes dialog box's drop down lists. It's like the contents of the "Room Finish Library.txt" file is not read into VW. Regards, Daryl
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