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  1. Okay I got the techie to look at it, so this is what we did to solve the issue. 1) installed the latest printer drivers. 2) delete the plotter in the 'utilities > print and fax utility' 3) add the plotter again. 4) test happy endings by the way we aren't sure if it was 12.5 or the 10.4.8 update that did it. hmmmm Regards, the_arkitek
  2. Hi, we have a intel iMac running OS 10.4.8 and with the latest epson drivers downloaded. We recently upgraded to VW 12.5. When trying to print/plot to either the epson stylus color 3000, or the epson stylus pro 7800 the print settings and other dialog pages are crossed out and don't appear to have anything on them when selected??? help this is urgent, we can't control or printing, we have urgent jobs to plot. Is it the 12.5 upgrade, can we uninstall it? or use a different system? Regards, the_arkitek
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