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  1. Can Vectorworks work in any reasonable way with Bentley AECOism? I saw a blurb that said Bently can work with IFC. Can we import and expert in any format common with Bentley?
  2. I have just begun to use records attached to symbols. Is there any way to create a record/data field that will accept multiline text and have that multiline text appear in a worksheet on the drawing? I want to create an equipment schedule that shows the item name, make, model and utility needs. For example: Sink Acme 12x14x7 etc. In a field named "Plumbing" attached to that sink would be the following two lines of text: 1/2" H&CW 35" AFF 1-1/2" W 27" AFF I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks!
  3. No. While that would be the exact proper place to set such attributes, the callouts in 2010 do not respond properly. I have been over this with NNA in person and in tech support calls. This is a known bug in the software. I am told it is on the "fix" list, but it has yet to be completed, or at least to be issued.
  4. I have the latest release of 2010. The callouts are pretty much unusable since they all default to filled bubbles. I rely heavily on callouts and need to be able to control them. The result, for me, is a version of VW that I cannot use. I am staying with 2008 until this is solved. Tech Support keeps telling me it is on the list and Maybe will be fixed in the next update. To add insult to injury, since I installed 2010 on my MacPro clicking a vwx file opens 2010. 2010 will not relinquish its global file association. Thus, instead of simply double clicking a file and getting it to start in 2008, I have to right click>Open with> etc.>etc. I change the file association in the GetInfo window but it instantly reverts to the 2010 default. If anyone at NNA is reading ...... c'mon guys ....... can you shed any light on the timetable for the fix for these known issue? Many thanks.
  5. I'm not even sure where they are stored. When I search for the files by their template name - with "sta" extension - the search turns up nothing. I can see all my templates when I go to save a new one. I wish to get rid of the old ones that are cluttering things up. Thanks in advance
  6. I started out trying to run under Parallels when I migrated from Windows to this new MacPro a month or so ago. The speed wasn't the issue so much as screen redraws even with zooming or panning. The lag was headache inducing. I am running two 24" monitors, so that may be part of the issue (too much screen for Parallels to handle? I don't know.). We were fortunate to have had a spare Mac serial number in the office, so I am now running it native on the Mac side. It is altogether speedier. Much speedier! Amazingly so. BuhBye Win. I won't miss ya!
  7. I have been running VW on a PC for years. I am using the latest service pack (whatever it is) for VW2008. On my PC (Athlon 64 2GHz with 1 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600, two monitors at 1920x1200) I normally keep my reference grid set to 12" and my snap grid to 1". I can see the solid lines for the 12" grid and a dot at every inch of the snap grid (although it will display dots at whatever size I set the snap grid). I recently started to migrate over to a MAC. I now also have a Mac Pro with two 2.8GHz Quad Xeons, 14 GB Ram, and NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT driving two monitors. On the MAC, I set the grids the same way (12" ref and 1" snap). I can only see the reference grid. The system snaps at the 1" grid (so I know it is set and working) but it does not display the dots every inch in the grid. Is this a function of the MAC? A setting that I need to change? I am finding it very annoying not having the dots to use as further guides.
  8. I've been using the WSOD plug-in from Australia. It works perfectly. That said, I'd love to know how to do the same thing from directly within VW. My experiments have failed and Tech Support wasn't very encouraging.
  9. Thank you, Pete. That's exactly what's happened. When I link the layers, the layer heights take effect and can be seen in 3D mode. Not exactly the way I might have expected things to work, but as you say, the program's doing what it was designed to do.
  10. Many thanks for the tip, Mat. I went to VIEW>Align Layer Views and clicked it. Nothing *seems* to have happened and the condition persists. The VIEW>Align Layer Views seems to be a simple command with no options and no dialogue. is this as it is supposed to be?
  11. Thanks Jonathan! Unfortunately, that seems to be a Architect series command. I am using Fundamentals. Is there some workaround?
  12. I'm sure this is a very basic question, but its baffling me. All my business use of VW is in 2D. I recently tried my hand at some 3D plans for a house I'm renovating. I want to show the house in 3D, with the floors properly placed in the Z dimension. I accomplished it using only one layer and simply raising the second and third floor walls, windows, doors, etc., an appropriate amount But is there not a way to get them on separate layers (i.e.: 'Basement", "1st Floor", "2nd Floor", etc.)? I set up another drawing sheet and created these three layers. I assigned a Z dimension to each layer that relates to the ground plane, and a Delta Z that corresponds to wall height. When I go to 3D view, the floor plane of each layer is the same and the walls appear to each be the same height above the ground plane. I have a tick in the 'Link Wall Height to Layer +/-Z" tick box. Am I missing something?
  13. Will 12.5 run on Windows Vista on a machine with an Athlon 64 bit chip?
  14. I have a need to import text that originates in Filemaker. I can export the Filemaker data to Excel, and it goes from there into any other program with very little effort or drama. Not so with VW. Is there a way to get data, as a spreadsheet, into VW Fundamentals and then be able to export it to dwg format? I understand that the built-in VW spreadsheet will not allow the data to be exported to dwg.
  15. Is it possible to set a class so that it is visible on screen but will not print?
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