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  1. The installation instructions don't mention what to do with an older version which is already on my HD. [Running Mac 10.2.8 on iBook900 w 640MB RAM; have 3.2GB free before removing VW9.5.3.] TIA!! Bill Marston
  2. I'm on VW8.5.2, OS9.2.1. This measuring tape failure hasn't affected me (perhaps I'm not fast enough) <G>. However, I'm about to install VW9.5.2 - keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Shaun, If you're on a Macintosh, just enable more memory for printing if possible. (close desktop windows, quit other apps, etc.). MacOS 9++ & Win should automatically assign memory, so if you're there, then I can't help. HTH Bill <wmarston@bellatlantic.net> P.S. I am searching for EPSON 1520 users and/or 1270 users, as I debate which to buy at ebay (both models are in about the same cost range currently w/ great variation, of course). Although I rarely expect to use the 1270's incredible photographic print quality, I do understand that at its more economical 180dpi setting it is still sharp enough for arch. dwgs. to look good. Ergo: still economical? Any opinions? PLS let me know. quote: Originally posted by Shaun: Hi, We've got an HP 1220C and I have no problems scaling a drawing setup on an A3 sheet to print on an A4 sheet...it can do it. However the software that ships with the printer is extremely processor and memory intensive and it seems to bog the whole machine down. Another thing is that it sometimes prints out garbled characters. And yet another thing is that it sometimes print an image out halfway and leaves the rest of the paper blank. I also had a lot of problems from HP printers in the past so my advice for you is stay away from HP! Hope this helps. Shaun. P111-500, 128 ram
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