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  1. We're having an issue with door and window tags which cannot be flipped into the correct visual orientation for the purpose of exporting into DWG. Whilst in Vectorworks we can adjust the text of the tag in the model space or viewport, when exported the tags revert to their 'unflipped' state. Below is an indication of how the door tags are viewed within vetorworks with the text flipped and again how it appears when exported to DWG. We cannot seem to find any setting or method of inserting the doors to get the ID tags in the correct orientation.



  2. All found a (mac) solution to this issue of printing.

    12.5 works fine for drawing, very quick etc.

    I have now installed a second version ov VW on the same HD, use this without update to print, all is working fine.

    VW technical are looking into this be are having difficulity replicating the issue we are facing, so I;ll wait for the next update to see if all has been resolved.

  3. We are having similar issues to the above. Reversed printing, but only in some view ports, some prints taking hours to come though or not printing at all, VW12 seems fine, - tried the suggestions above but to no avail.

    Any ideas from either the VW team or others, we are a large practice and this is becoming a real issue.



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