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  1. I have finished up a drawing for an optical outlet. It is a big file at about 250mb .. I deleted some stuff it was 280. At first I couldn't get vectorworks to complete the render. It would go through the geometry and then it would render about 1/2 the drawing and "DING" like it was done but it wasnt. I eliminated some things and shuffled and now I can get vectorworks to render the whole thing but when I go to export to image the same thing happens .. line goes all the way through geometry, starts to render, ding, but when I look at the exported image file its only little more than half of the image. Im using final render and I know I can go custom and change some settings to make the file easier to digest but what do you think was the culprit. Im thinking its not my computer. I mean geez .. next step up would be from Nasa. Cant be I need more computer so one of the other two is at fault me thinks Alex
  2. Thank you Bob! Another member of this amazing group has taken care of it. I cant get over how fast everyone on these boards is to reply and offer advice and help. I hope I can get good enough to provide some help as well! Alex
  3. I went ahead and was finally able to download the evaluation version of 2010. I wanted to test out some of its new features and if nothing else it sure is fast. So I tired it on a project I was working on. Well .. it just ran out .. I have to still consider the expense and where I am financially but have to continue working on this drawing.. Oh man .. It would suck to have to work from scratch. I own VW 11 Alex
  4. That was SOooo much easier than I had down it!! Thank you. I want to go through all of the tutorials while I still have the trial software before I make any decision on upgrade. Thanks mike!
  5. I should explain what I did so maybe it makes more sense. I used a nurbs curve to mess around and get me the shape of the curve. where I ended it on the far side I attached a polygon. I converted the two parts to a polygon and extruded... At least that is what I think I did! Then I punched a hole for the door using solid subtraction. I was able to do it before in 11 and texture? Alex
  6. I downloaded the trial and I know I haven't even begun to check its new abilities but I have a baby pit wall that I was rendering with a leaf pattern. I have made the wall the same probably sick way in ver 11 and was able to render it. My low wall in this drawing has the rendering in slices? Any ideas what I did wrong image http://www.cerebralacrobatics.com/playspace1.JPG VW file the link to the file will download automatically and is about 17 mb http://www.cerebralacrobatics.com/playspace.vwx Thanks people for any help Alex
  7. I love Vectorworks ! I have been using it for YEARS. I so don't want to learn all new software. I am using Vectorworks 11 and I just think I have started to hit its limit. I know I can do more .. I hope I can do it faster and my current version seems to go "not Responding" way to often.. Luckily I save frequently. I have my own business and while I have managed to stay afloat money is not in abundance. Can I upgrade this even if its so old and if so what version can I upgrade too. Buying a brand new program at 3 grand just isn't in my budget but if I can upgrade this version??
  8. I kkep trying ot download the evaluation copy but no luck. I get to the part where it says look in your email for a message but ... no message Any clues Alex
  9. http://www.cerebralacrobatics.com/optic1.mcd here are the shapes. I have each case at about 12 feet and what I am looking to do is shrink them without changing their shape to 6 feet. Alex
  10. I have drawn an extrusion for some case work. I really really really like the way it came out. Trouble is I drew it at 12 feet and I need it at 6' .aahhhhh I have tried a few things and looked through the manual.. I cant seem to shrink it without messing up the shape. I dont want to draw it over because I will never get it to be the same again. Thoughts? Alex
  11. I dont know if this answers your question but if you have nothing on your drawing selected and you go to the Text menu at the top of the screen on the menu bar you can scroll down to "format Text" and in the size box put what you like... now every time you hit the text tool in the left tool bar the bounding box and text will be that size that you had selected. Alex
  12. you converted an image to polygons in Vectorworks? Alex
  13. Ok added info .. thanks for the advice .. so can anyone help me. I know what of you gentleman has tried it. Alex
  14. I have some resin panels in a design mounted and backlit. I want to silk screen images on to the resin. How can I show that in my rendering . I could take an image and make an image prop but that wouldnt give the piece a sense of the transluscency (sp) If you know resin with silk screen you will know what I am talking about. Thanks once again for any help! Alex www.cerebralacrobatics.com
  15. ugh .. How did you do that? I have been at this for hours. So in order to get one peak higher than the other three I ... I tried with solids .. it was not pretty .. I dont know how I would do it with nurbs.. I will willing give up body parts Alex says as tears stream down his face
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