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  1. The 3D polygons are non planar, but they dont overlap other objects.
  2. I have made some test renders of objects cut from a project I?m working on. The main problem was that I used a 3D polygon which I found was the easiest way to fill a grass area between some hardscape ojects made of walls and chain extrudes. I used RW with raytracing and got some bad artifacts including holes and distortions to the 3d polygon. So I did some test renders with other rendering settings which I?d like to attach. They showed that the geometry came out correctly in OpenGL,bad with raytracing, better but not correctly without raytracing (it seems that the 3D polygon interferes with the connecting walls, besides edges tend to show like dark dotted lines), good with Fast radiosity (even with raytracing turned on), but if I add HDRI the radiosity render gives some linear gradients to the grass that should not be there. Should I stop using 3D polygons for terrain modelling at all? Is there a better tool? (I?v tried to convert to 3D mesh, but it doesnt help) Is this a bug that will be fixed in later versions. Until then, should I avoid using raytracing with RW? It gives a smoother rendering but reflections in glass are visible even with raytracing turned off (I thought that was the point with raytracing). Where can I attach the rendered .jpgs?


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