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  1. Thanks for that - I guess I''ll just have to wait until a universal plugin is released
  2. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to import from sketch pro to vectorworks 12.5 on my mac. I have a student copy. I tried doing it using the 3ds extension, but a dialog came up saying it wasn't authorised. I have tried to install the sketchup plugn from Vectorworks, this doesn't work - it says the software is already installed - If it has, then how do I use it?
  3. The problem is that there don't seem to be any workspaces installed with the package
  4. Having just installed a copy of 12.5 student version on my MacBook Pro, I have discovered that none of the standard workspaces are being read by VectorWorks, as a rsult I can't even make a new workspace - Can someone help with this?
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