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  1. UPDATE: Please see this thread "Export Unreal Datasmith". I do believe that this thread does answer most questions posed above. Although, can anyone please add any relevant information as to why there are two different workspaces for Architect? One basic and one for BIM?
  2. So upon further hunting, you do in fact have to to change the WORKSPACE. If you are in VW2021 > Architect, the EXPORT > Unreal DataSmith is not available. However, if you change to VW2021 > Architect-BIM workspace, the Unreal DataSmith option will now be listed in the EXPORT listing. Can someone from Vectorworks please explain why this difference exists between these two workspaces?
  3. Can someone please explain the process to export to TwinMotion on a Mac? Also, why is the development of a good rendering option, outside of RenderWorks, not readily available within this software? It is 2021, and, in my opinion, Vectorworks really needs to begin to focus on improving the Macintosh side of the house. There has to be a large segment of their user base that is presently being under represented here. One could always export the data out, then switch to a VM or PC based system. But that is a cumbersome and somewhat lengthy process to achieve a much needed result. Furthermore, if I recall, the development roadmap had promised TwinMotion direct integration by the release of SP3. Is there anyone out there who can shed light as to what road blocks were encountered that made this not happen? Lastly, the video produced on the DataSmith export is apparently only a Windows option. Why is this? And zero information is made available to the viewer that is to be the case. How about giving the Mac users the same ability on export functions? Sincerely, Confused VW 2021(SP3) User
  4. All, It's March 1st. Can anyone from VM or in the know indicate what to expect this month? I am curious if we should anticipate a Service Pack or a new version release. - Curious
  5. I was playing around with this tool yesterday for the first time. What I am curious about is... "how do you add the sheetrock back to the wall for adding textures?" Does the tool itself override the previous modifications to the wall? Is there a specific process that one should follow when using this tool?
  6. That didn't help. But thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I installed 12.5 yesterday and now my dimensions do not show up on screen when I use the dimensioning tool. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Please help!


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