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  1. No. I don't want to print the black background. My problem is that I usually like to work with a black screen background but when I print a drawing that has walls for example, filled with solid hatching only the outline of the walls prints without the solid hatching that I have applied which should appear as solid black. If I change the screen background to white and then print I get the desired result. The walls now are filled solid black. I am using an HP 4MV printer and I did not have this problem with 8.5.2.
  2. I may just be missing something really simple, but I like to work with a black background and when I print a drawing to a black and white laser printer that contains solid fills, they do not appear as solid black objects. I only get the outline of the shape. If I change the screens background colour to white, it prints as intended. Anyone else experience this?. P.S. I really miss the command T for trim.
  3. I hope I am not missing something here, but aren't dimensions automatically added to the dimension class?. If that is indeed the case then all you need to do is turnoff the other classes, lasso the remaining items in the dimension class, then go to the text pull down menu and globally change the font size to whatever you want. You may also want to change the spacing between the text and the dimension line using the object info palette.
  4. I have been experiencing VW software freezes for quite a while and I have been documenting the different situations under which the freezing occurs, and the only common denominator that seems to be coming up, though not all the time is when I import DXF files exported from our old CAD software Architrion. We have some older projects drawn in Architrion and sometimes are required to bring them forward into VW and occasionally this is when we have a crash. Has anyone else used Architrion in the past and had the same problem with exported DXF from the program or any other CAD software for that matter?.
  5. I read the comments by J.Bone with some interest as I am employed in an office where we have two licenses of VectorWorks (8.5.2) running on a G3 and a PowerMac 9600 and have had the exact same problems...crashing while zooming and panning. I have contacted VW tech support several times and have tried all of the suggestions they have made with no success, the crashing continues. It is intermittent and very frustrating. We are working on relatively small files (less than 1.5 Megs) and quite often the crashes occur every 15 minutes or so as described by the other users. Sometimes I am kicked out to the desktop whereupon my computer is frozen and I need to reboot or it freezes suddenly while still in VW. The rusult is the same, time lost and wasted. I believe there is an inherant problem with VW that needs to be remedied immediately.
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