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  1. cool i got it, i had the class on invisible=P
  2. how do you put dimensions on sections viewports?
  3. How can you create a elevation of a model? i was using the section viewports function, but everytime it splits the levels of my models so there is a space between each one.
  4. Thanks I havent used CAD, Im just really new to VW.
  5. on my slab design layer I made a 2D poly outline the floorplan. and I already converted it to a 3D poly, but how do I add deltaZ so its not flat.
  6. great, it was the sills class. thanks
  7. sorry about that. design layer, 12.5,os 10.4, mac intel
  8. i wanted the L to wrap around corner of wall horizontaly.
  9. i added new sheets to my file, and when i was done all of my window lines vanished.
  10. Is it possible to make an L-shaped window in the model?
  11. is it possible to change/add shortcut keys to different tools in VW12.5 thanks
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