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  1. Turned off Auto Join... How do I go about submitting this issue to NNA?
  2. This issue also seems to be related to direction of the wall, as after it has extended infinitely it also changes direction. It also seems to be a result of VW's attempt to auto-join (term?) the walls. Drawing the wall and then moving it into place seems to work albeit a productivity killer. I believe that I have tentatively ruled out wall type and location as causes. I take it this is not a new issue? How long has this been known? Is this "auto-join" an editable system variable?
  3. I have encountered something that I think may be a bug. When drawing two different walls that connect end to end, one of the walls shoots off into infinity in both directions. This seems to happen when one of the walls has a door or window wall object in the wall. Is this really an error or is there a setting causing this that I am not aware of?
  4. Thanks everyone for the help. I ended up using Jim's suggestion, but I will try to get the partners to purchase Windoor. Looks like a good product. Thanks again, Jody
  5. By the way I am using 12.5 on a G4 Mac
  6. How would I go about creating a door that has two leaves of differing size? So far all that I have been able to come up with is two doors next to each other in a wall, but that is technically incorrect graphically as well as cubersome while drafting. I also tried creating a symbol, but I couldn't get it to interact with the walls correctly. Help is much appreciated! Jody
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