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  1. I'm getting ready to upgrade my hardware (MAC). I know what NNA says min. requirement. My question is this, What actually works the best ?? How about the guys at NNA, what are you using?
  2. glee

    the new "9"

    I have also found through tech suppport that OS9 requires a patch to function w/ the HP rip software. Are you runin the new "9" or are you on Architect 8.5 ??
  3. glee

    the new "9"

    I have been having many,many problems w/ the new "9" or V2 or whatever. At this point I have dumped Architect 9 went back to 8.5 but still cannot print to my HP455ca any of the work that was touched by "9". I have worked w/ HP to resolve what I thought was a printer problem. I can print a "new" 8.5 document but not old. I am running Mac G3-233w/ OS9.0 which functioned w/out problem until the addition of "9". Now I've got crap for the last 6 months work that has been corrupted. Does anybody have ANY answers other than sending "9 " back ?
  4. I have been having problems w/ the door disappearing on the plan sheets. The door casing and jambs are there but the door and the swing are missing. Whats going on ???
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