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  1. @michaelk I'm on Windows 10 pro so that's probably not the issue and I tried about 5 different files before thinking it could be the software causing the problem.
  2. Just started using VW 2019 fundamentals (after upgrading) and the program crashes every time I try to open a sheet with a worksheet on it. I tried creating a new document and adding a new worksheet, that worked, then I tried to place the worksheet in the window and it crashed instantly. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I tried checking for updates but I have the latest version.
  3. "favorite" resources in the resource browser don't stay when I close the program. next time I open VW 12 (on a PC) they are gone! what gives??? also my recent files are cleared in the open dialog, probably related. anyone have these problems and or know how to fix? -Sasquatch
  4. we stamp each symbol onto a blank drawing and print a PDF. guess it wouldn't work if you have a massive collection to print... screen capture (print screen button on a PC kybd) might work if you don't need a high resolution image. -Sasquatch
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