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  1. MaryBea

    surface array

    Thanks! I'll try that.
  2. MaryBea

    surface array

    Hmmm, thought as much. I think I'll have to stick with the texture. Thanks to both of you anyway.
  3. MaryBea

    surface array

    I think my settings are wrong but I'm not sure what they should be. I get the same result with a symbol. The drawings show the settings and the result.
  4. MaryBea

    surface array

    I've been trying to cover an elliptical dome (nurbs surface) with small hexagonal domes (sweeps) using surface array, as in the image (the rendered image uses a texture on the nurbs surface). Can't get it to work - maybe it won't. Many thanks for any advice.
  5. MaryBea

    hexagon-based dome

    That's so much better - thank you!
  6. MaryBea

    hexagon-based dome

    Would anyone be able to help with drawing a hexagon-based dome? I've tried using loft and revolve with rail but it doesn't give a smooth dome shape - see image. I'd like the dome to be smooth, without the dividing ridges. Many thanks.
  7. MaryBea

    shift click select

    Thanks Jim - I'll try that. Bea
  8. MaryBea

    shift click select

    For some reason I can't shift click select to select several objects at a time. Using the marquee to select objects works but then I can't add another object using the shift key. This has happened a couple of times recently. Thanks for any advice! Bea
  9. MaryBea

    Exporting 3D from VW to Sketchup Pro

    Thanks Tim! Bea
  10. MaryBea

    Exporting 3D from VW to Sketchup Pro

    Could anyone help with exporting photorealistic trees from VW2014 to Sketchup Pro? Many thanks. Bea
  11. MaryBea

    working plane?

    Saved! Thanks so much. Bea
  12. MaryBea

    working plane?

    I don't know how to use the active and working planes but I must have inadvertently altered something to produce the grey box outline in this image. Can I delete or hide it? When I reduce the size by pushing the faces it cuts off parts of the drawing. Thanks for any help! Bea
  13. MaryBea

    white patch on rendered image

    No, the circles aren't in the rendered viewport. Have you an idea what the planar geometry in the drawing could be and whether it could have been created by the 2d locus points? Thanks. Bea
  14. MaryBea

    white patch on rendered image

    Going back to this topic because a similar thing has happened today. The picture attached (final quality renderworks) shows a light grey rectangle dotted with white circles. It doesn't exist as an object in the VW drawing. When I delete all the 2d locus points it disappears. Any ideas? Bea
  15. MaryBea

    3d tubing

    Thanks for your help - I've got it now. Bea


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