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  1. Wonderful. Thank-you both. I switched to another workspace and then back again. Palettes reappeared. Thanks again.
  2. Hello I'm having trouble with the tool palettes - they worked fine yesterday, although when docked will not save their positions, but today Vectorworks opened with the palettes blanked out, as in the image. I can move them but can't close them. I've tried opening them again but they are replaced with another blank. Any suggestions very welcome! Thanks Bea macOS 10.14.6 Vectorworks Landmark Renderworks 2020
  3. That's worked. Thank you so much. I'll use that method from now on.
  4. Yes, renderworks. File attached. Thanks. test.vwx
  5. The black box in the attached exported image is a 3d photorealistic image prop from the VW library. The rendered image pre export is fine. Would anyone know why this is happening? When I lower the export resolution to below about 120 the tree appears but the image is very blurry. Thanks for any help. Bea VW 2020 macOS Mojave 10.14.6 iMac 2019
  6. Hmmm, thought as much. I think I'll have to stick with the texture. Thanks to both of you anyway.
  7. I think my settings are wrong but I'm not sure what they should be. I get the same result with a symbol. The drawings show the settings and the result.
  8. I've been trying to cover an elliptical dome (nurbs surface) with small hexagonal domes (sweeps) using surface array, as in the image (the rendered image uses a texture on the nurbs surface). Can't get it to work - maybe it won't. Many thanks for any advice.
  9. That's so much better - thank you!
  10. Would anyone be able to help with drawing a hexagon-based dome? I've tried using loft and revolve with rail but it doesn't give a smooth dome shape - see image. I'd like the dome to be smooth, without the dividing ridges. Many thanks.
  11. Thanks Jim - I'll try that. Bea
  12. For some reason I can't shift click select to select several objects at a time. Using the marquee to select objects works but then I can't add another object using the shift key. This has happened a couple of times recently. Thanks for any advice! Bea
  13. Could anyone help with exporting photorealistic trees from VW2014 to Sketchup Pro? Many thanks. Bea
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