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  1. I thought I would post this message to relay my experiences with importing and rendering autocad files. The first thing I have learned is that Autocad 3D solids do not import into Vectorworks, so the really nice fast rendering we see on Autocad is not going to happen in Vectorworks. A wire frame can be imported, however, most designers using Autocad solids are not going to convert thier files. We were able to import the Autcad .dwg file into a PC program named Studio Pro which rendered it and exported a .dxf file that Vectorworks can import and render. Be warned, that the files are big. When rendering 256mb of memory was required, and they only successfully rendered with the quicktime renderer. Lightworks was way to slow. I have had to simplify many of the renders to speed things up. If anyone has other experiences to share, I would appreciate hearing them. In particular, has anyone printed a .pdf document from Autocad that displayed the renders correctly?
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