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  1. I've been using VW, mostly for machine design, for about 30 years, but only doing 3D for a few. I have considerable difficulty assuring that 3D machine parts are correctly/precisely aligned in any view other than Top/Plan. I would expect to be able to specify an X,Y,Z value for some point on (or related to) any object or group, but can't. I'm currently using VW2015, previewing VW2017, hoping it would solve the problem, but apparently not. Can anyone help? P.S. I can't tell which position/color of the circle in "Notify me of replies" is the affirmative position. I'm assuming that the default (Left, white) is the affirmative.
  2. I tried the Workspace Editor (I really want my option-command 1-6 for layer options back). The radio buttons work, and the changes made stay, but the menu items do not show any added symbols, and the machine still does not respond to the key combinations.
  3. Apparently no one at VW (NNA) is monitoring this. I sent an email on 9/13 with pictures of my error msgs, Got an almost immediate response from Linda Carmody; she passed it on to tech. Nothing since
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