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  1. I got it to work Apparently if you draw a rectangle slightly bigger then what you tring to put molding around, then take you molding cross section you can extrude along path and it will wrap around the rectangle. Thank you for your help i apprectiate it
  2. Gytis, I've tried to extrude then use the split tool this leave me with an un change straght molding( not sure y)? Islandmon, what do u mean by a hybrid symbol?
  3. I'm haveing trouble getting a 45 degree angle on my molding everyhting i try has failed I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this....
  4. Hi I'm a new user of vectorworks. I 've installed 12.5 but the dongle is not being recognized by the program ( but my computer knows its there, tells me exactly what it is and that it's installed and ready to use) I've installed all the drivers for it and the lisenceing manager. I've have already try getting the dongle driver direct from aladdin's site and when that didn't work I got on the phone. tech support told me after a few tests my dongle was not programed and sent out a new one. But this new one is excperienceing the same recognition issues the old one had ( dongle not found). Does any one have an idea of what is wrong... is it really possible i have 2 none programed dongles or is there another problem that is being over looked?
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