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  1. Gytis is correct, it is available as a separate License. I use it since it was introduced in the US. If you use VectorWorks on a regular basis and need more sophisticated capabilities in designing Cabinets, that's the way to go. I personally find it is a better package combo, than some of the other dedicated programs out there. My Cabinet Manufacturer uses 20/20 (expensive too) and I have to say that Vectorworks with InteriorCad produces better quality outputs. My 2cents - Happen to like both programs!!!!! By the way if you contact InteriorCad, they should have a working Trial Software.
  2. Don't want to say you are wrong..... but if you already have Vectorworks get yourself a plug in called "InteriorCad". I'm using it for Kitchen & Bath Design especially for my Cabinet Design work. Great piece of Software. Runs like Vectorworks on PC or Mac. Good integration with Vectorworks. Use it already for a couple of years and helped me quite a lot for my Design Work
  3. I always found the Cabinet PIO tool very crude and non intuitive in any way. It is an add on - just for emergencies not suitable for anything else - my thoughts. And as I see Vectorworks as an Architectural Software, I hope it spends its priorities on other items than a Cabinet PIO. As there are other and better plug-ins out there to create cabinets in a more professional way. One of I can think of and use in our Offive is called InteriorCad. Very intuitive, easy to use and made by professionals, we use InteriorCad in our Office on a daily basis. One grape I have with Nemetschek is that with almost every version upgrade the extension names are changed. So we End Users always have to wait till our Plug-In Providers have their Software updated and by that time Vectorworks is changing again the extension names.
  4. I love to put some more fire on the original complain of the C4d Export Plugin. From my part the complain that the plug in does not work does not belong in this forum at all. It should even be taken out. If I as an Enduser use a plug in and it does not work with vectorworks, I will definitely inquire with the company which sold me the plug in. Let's be a little bit more professional and complain to the right people. Not whine and complain on this board. It's up to the complany who sells the plug in to get it working, not Vectorworks. Note: I don't work for Vectorworks but I'm just used to handle problems with a particular software more efficient. And I use plug in Software too. My Vendor in this case Interior Cad immediately issued a note on their Support Bulletin Board about 12.5. That's what I call Customer Support.


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