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    I have four elevation viewports created by "View => create viewport" with standard views (ie. front, back, left, right). I was working with a "vectorworks preference display" of a black background and just recently when I updated my viewport as "Final quality" the viewport background turned white. I have not set any RW backgrounds. Is there a setting that could have changed? Did I set something without realizing it? Is there a fill I'm unaware of? I'm working in VW 12.5.
  2. I'm fairly new at using VW. I am use to Autocad from softdesk. I would like to Thank everyone for their help. I will try all suggestions.
  3. Robert, I don't think you quite understood my question, so let me try again... When drawing a house, buiding, etc. the walls of one floor usually line up one over the other. Therefore it is only logical that you would want the layers to STACK one directly over the other. SO, lets say I want to turn my entire building 15 degrees clockwise. Previously I would turn stack layers on, go into "Top/Plan" view; turn on "Show/snap/modify/others"; then select the entire buiding (on many different layers) and simply rotate it! Until we installed VW 12.5, we could preform this operation. Now, we are getting an error message "Cannot set the layer options to show/snap/modify/others while stacked layers is on" Again, we are talking specifically TOP/PLAN view with stacked layers on so everything lines up. Understand? Looking forward to resolving this soon!
  4. In plan view, it seems that I can not select "show/snap/modify others" while my stacked layers is on. I get the message "Can not set the layers options to Show/snap/modify others while in stack layers mode" This has changed from 12.0.1. I need to select multiple objects on different classes and layers and move them together a certin distance. Is there a way around this? Why would you want to turn stack layers off? PS. I'm using Windows XP and a dual processor.
  5. I've had trouble stretching walls to fit to walls/stairs/etc. Can we stretch walls like polygons? VW seems to give you an invisible boundry that you can't go beyond.
  6. When going to a camera view or changing standard views in a symbol VW doesn't center around your object. Am I missing something?
  7. When going from a sheet layer to a design layer you need to stack layers. VW also renders the objects. It would be nice if the layers would be automaticly stacked. What is stacked/unstacked layers intended for?


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