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  1. Thank you for the quick answer! So when do you/we expect Spotlight to be able to read the geometry part? As it can import 3ds already since many years ago this sounds very strange, I understand GDTF is a different format, but geometry is based on 3ds. Currently this sounds way to complicated and counterintuitive. As I have been told on tradeshows and the main reason for GDTF/MVR to be great, is that it should not matter in which application I start as they all use the same files and I can update the parts that make most sense in any application at any given point, so is that still the intention or is fixture replacing the only way intended to make VW/Vision to work? If this is the way to do it, how do I update my existing VW-symbols in my template file to correspond to the correct GDTF-file? I do not see it as an option in "light info record" only in OiP meaning I have to do it manually for every new file after replacing symbols... Understood and hoping for some kind of timeframe for when that will be possible, is it 2021, 2022 or even more years forward? Ideal workflow in my opinion would be to tie the "GDTF-share server" with the "VSS-server" so that every time a fixture gets added to GDTF-share it gets uploaded to VSS-libraries and autoupdated every month or so in our computers with the subscribtion libraries and quicker if going manually in to update. (same with vision update of course. Ok, not really what I was hoping for after 18 months+ since announcing it, but maybe in a few years more the workflow will allow for better workflow where it does not matter where you start. Is there any progress with Cinema 4d integration for creation of UV-textures for videoinput? If using Stage-plugin could work with MVR like it did on VW2019 it would be an ideal partner, how come that broke with VWs changes in 2020? Good tip. Understood. Not as vital for me if I have MA3d working. What do you mean by that statement? Does geometry, classes, sheets count as parameters just because it was exported as MVR-file? Would you then have to export fixtures with MVR and the rest as 3ds? what is the benefit in workflow in that and how does that work when something has changed in one of the programs and I want to stay synced? Or am I misunderstanding? That would be highly appreciated!
  2. So with the release of MA3 1.0 I tried patching some GDTF files (Mac Aura XB and Encore performance) from GDTF-share, exported MVR and imported to VW 2020 sp2, screenshots below show that patchinfo got through, but I cannot believe that both those files just look like rectangles in 2d and 3d, should they not show the enclosed 3ds-model of the fixture like they use in MA? Or how is it meant to work? Do I really need to exchange all fixtures again? Was this not what GDTF was fixing? See attached ma3mvr of 2,7mb which is the export from MA. After giving them some X, Y and Z positions I wanted to export back to MA3 or Vision via MVR from VW, I get the MA export file of 1kb that does not open in Vision or MA.. So please find out what is broken with the link that was meant to fix this workflow. Next question: How do I open a GDTF-file from GDTF-share in VW? I tried importing, dragging in and now importing MVR, but it does not seem to work, so how do you do it? /Bjorn Stolt MA export.mvr ma3mvr.mvr
  3. The "export grandMA2" plug in gets the rotation dg I need out from the fixtures to an .xml-sheet I have just found out, so it is possible, I just don't know how.. Anyone with Vectorscript skills that can help me in the right direction? Ideally I would have an export with x-location, y-location, rotation and unit#, so would be supereasy if I can get rotation out.....
  4. For me the focus angle vertical comes out as 0dg on all fixtures.. should that be the same as rotation? I am looking for the 2d rotation angle that is right under x, y, z position in OIP, the same angle as you get when using rotate.. Or a way to copy the info from that field to an exportable field, so I can get it into excel and on to a .csv-file instead of having to manually type in the info from 600 fixtures at different angles... organic design... /bjorn
  5. Hi! Hope I am just overlooking something, but I cannot find a way to get the rotation dg of a symbol exported with instrument data to excel or lightwright, I can only choose the 3d rotation fields that are not copied from the rotation at the top of OIP... Cannot copy the rotation field to any other field in find and modify either. am trying to get position and rotation data out from symbols to get it into Hippotizers videomapper, x and y is easy, but rotation seems very hard. Any way to get around it? Best regards/ Bjorn Stolt
  6. That made it do enough for me for now! thank you very much for the tip!
  7. No, I have not, where do I find the "contextual menu"? /Bjorn
  8. OK, hoping for an update that gives the possibilty to rearrange and reposition the default position soon! Have a plot with around 240 units now where the label gets positioned center by default which covers the middle line of text, but it still works a lot faster than to redraw it in 2d just for the adress plot.. Could always add an empty field of info in center as a workaround, or reposition all labels....... /Bjorn
  9. How do I modify the layout of the new 3d part in label legend manager? I have been messing around with it for a while now and cannot find any way to change the how the info is displayed in 3d, it only shows up in rows underneith eachother with no way to change how they are displayed. /Bjorn Stolt
  10. I have the same issues with selecting truss... This makes me do all trussplots in 2010, then use 2011 for the rest, or just stay with 2010 if I know I'm gonna be moving stuff around a lot. Really sorry about this one, as this means I have to keep changing file types all the time. So please nemetcheck, fix it! Best regards/ Bj?rn Stolt VW 2010+2011 Macbook pro


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