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  1. @Oaktown I can see how annoying this can be - please get in touch with our tech@vectorworks.net team so we can troubleshoot the issue - thanks
  2. @luuk veugelink Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any workaround or solution to install Vectorworks in a Chrome OS device. However, if you have some sort of access to virtual machines with a macOS or Windows that could be a solution for these Students.
  3. Would you mind sending it to jalmansa@vectorworks.net? - thanks
  4. It was It was actually a C:drive don't know what happened there - 😞
  5. @rjtiedeman Any chance that you can send us the crash logs? Thanks
  6. JuanP

    Dongle Policy Update

    With the release of Vectorworks 2023 on September 14th, Vectorworks no longer supports Series-B dongle licenses. We have made this decision to provide a better user experience for Vectorworks software based on the following issues: Increased reports of lost and stolen dongles. The lack of availability of replacement dongles in cases of damage or technical defect. The declining availability of computers being manufactured with USB-A ports. Increased incompatibility of the dongle drivers with the latest versions of computer operating systems. Increased support cases related to the classification of dongles as malicious software by (automatically updating) antivirus programs. Increased support cases related to users forgetting their dongles and needing access to Vectorworks from another location. We have chosen to standardize our E-series software that doesn't require dongle hardware as it eliminates these challenges and provides a more seamless solution for users. E-series FAQ Do I need to be permanently connected to the internet to work with Vectorworks? No, a constant connection to the internet is not necessary. An internet connection is required to activate the license at the time of installation and regularly pings our activation server to renew its certificate. At a minimum it must have internet access every 90 days. Can I work offline with the E-series license, and for how long? Yes, you can work offline without restrictions for 90 days. If a connection to the internet is available within those 90 days, Vectorworks checks the validity of the license and sets the certificate's expiration date back to 90 days. How can I know how many days I can still work offline? o You can see the number of days left for working without an internet connection in the Vectorworks Preferences: Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences>Session>Serial Numbers>License info How can I move from a dongle license to an E-series license? If your license is part of a Service Select maintenance agreement, you will be automatically prompted to make the switch at the time of your upgrade to Version 2023. If your license is not a part of a Service Select maintenance agreement you can request this switch by contacting us at sales@vectorworks.net or through your local distributor.
  7. Starting January 1, 2023, monthly and annual subscriptions will be the only purchasing option for licenses of Vectorworks in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. December 30, 2022 will be the last day to purchase perpetual licenses or new Service Select agreements in these markets. For all other markets, this change will go into effect by January 1, 2025; please reach out to your local Vectorworks distributor to learn more about the timeline in your market. This means that after January 1, 2023, any perpetual licenses sold or bought between end users will not be eligible for upgrade and will not be able to be added to a Service Select contract. If you choose to buy an older version of Vectorworks from another user, the license is yours and will continue to work as long as you have a compatible operating system, but can’t be transferred into your existing Service Select agreement and you will not be able to assume or transfer their agreement. If you are buying or selling a license with another user, you can reach out to the Vectorworks customer service team at customerservice@vectorworks.net and we will provide a Transfer of Ownership Form which will notify us of the new owner of the license for our records and to provide technical support if the license is still within its support window. If you own any perpetual licenses without a Service Select agreement in place, you should consider adding a Service Select agreement before the end of 2022. Without the Service Select agreement, you will not be eligible for enhanced benefits, including access to the latest versions when they become available.
  8. @CETLV Go through the process of installing Vectorworks in your 😄 drive, and then, after completion, move the Vectorworks 2023 folder to the new drive and try launching Vectorworks from the new location.
  9. @zoomer Would you mind sharing the 2021 file? I want to send the file for testing with the latest Ventura beta and 2023 - thanks
  10. In that case, please reach out tech@vectorworks.net and provide us with the DxDiag file - instructions HERE - thank you
  11. @Ben Uk I'm unaware of any current issue with Vectorworks Cloud Services. However, I will pass your info to tech support to contact you.
  12. @beanus Update the Graphics card drivers, that is the most common issue. If the problem persist, contact our tech@vectorworks.net team. We would be happy to help you with additional troubleshooting.
  13. Fixed - thank you again for your feedback. Juan P.
  14. @Bignik72 Feel free to contact us at uktraining@vectorworks.net, and we can schedule a training for you.
  15. Thank you to our Technical Publications team; now we have a complete table list of new and improved features for the initial release of the Vectorworks 2023 software. See the full list here.
  16. Supercharge Your Workflow with Vectorworks 2023 Here at Vectorworks, we understand how valuable your time is, so we made it our goal to provide some of this critical resource back to you with our latest release of Vectorworks 2023. Your software shouldn’t make you feel bogged down by technology but instead provide efficiencies that allow you more time to focus on high-quality design. The latest version of Vectorworks software delivers time-saving tools that automate tedious processes and help to maximize your productivity. The Vectorworks 2023 product line features improvements focused on accelerated BIM workflows, interoperability, user experience enhancements, BIM for landscape and entertainment-focused quality improvements. We encourage you to explore all we have to offer and discover how Vectorworks 2023 can allow you to design without limits. Learn more about our latest release: Vectorworks 2023—Press Release Try the software for yourself: Vectorworks 2023—Trial Access your latest version: Customer Portal Get up to speed on all the new features: Vectorworks University—New Feature Videos We are always here for you—our Customer Portal is a great resource to help answer your technical questions, allow you to file a Support Request Form, and more. For a complete list of new and improved features for the initial release of the Vectorworks 2023 software—New Features We hope you enjoy Vectorworks 2023—we are proud to offer it to you!
  17. @Katherine Lee please contact our tech support team at uktech@vectorworks.net they will be able to assist you.
  18. yes, please send the crash logs to jalmansa@vectorworks.net - thanks
  19. Vectorworks, Inc. is looking for an Architect Product Specialist who will be responsible for providing consultation, industry expertise, and training services for customers, prospects, and our internal teams. As a product marketer, you will be responsible for telling the world (and company) the stories of our products The Architect Product Specialist will be involved with the product marketing team in crafting the strategy around the messaging and marketing for new launches, an internal expert on the competitive landscape, and help optimize the content and collateral we create to market our products and support the sales process. Location: US, Remote Schedule: remote or onsite and 10% travel Compensation: DOE Steps: Apply here: LINK If you meet the requirements, a member of our talent acquisition team will contact you! Questions: recruiting@vectorworks.net
  20. @rDesign you are correct - thanks for the feedback. Requesting the change.
  21. @A.P Please contact tech@vectorworks.net for some technical support.
  22. At Vectorworks, we strive to remain the unrivaled choice for BIM collaboration. With the launch of Vectorworks 2023, we’ve been working to make sure you have the tools to keep your creativity flowing and your projects moving while giving you the freedom to work with whoever, whenever — no matter the platform.
  23. At Vectorworks, we’re always working hard to improve the features you use every day to accelerate your workflow and give you a more fluid design process. So, with the launch of Vectorworks 2023, we’re showing you a few of the ways we’re continuing our efforts to give you the tools you need to adopt BIM into your workflow and bring your ideas to life.
  24. @Tom KlaberUpdate: The development team has started with Viewport styles, and It will move from “Active Research” to “In Development” with the next update of the Public Roadmap - Thanks
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