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  1. @Kevin McAllister We are following this thread closely and taking notes. It is undeniable that we need to improve the tool icons. I will work with the R&D team to see what will be the best way to incorporate the feedback provided in this thread. Stay tuned! and thank you all for all your comments this is good info!
  2. Vectorworks, Inc. has released its sixth Service Pack (SP6) for the Vectorworks® 2019 product line. This service pack includes multiple improvements in different areas. Project Sharing Project file being completely blank Editing outdated Title Blocks before refreshing Missing objects in the project file Async issues due to corrupted stairs Data Tags broken associations Fixes to Elevation Benchmark text sizes Fixes to Energos crash when including Roof objects in the calculations Adding IFC4 certification support to Vectorworks 2019 Overall stability improvements in different areas This Service Pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2019. To install the Service Pack, please select "Check for Updates" from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows). For a full list of improvements in the 2019 SP6 update, please visit this page. Please note this Service Pack is currently available for all non-localized English versions. Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.
  3. JuanP

    Student Renewal

    @manimal This is a manual process that takes a business day or two...I'm very sorry for the delay, I have approved your extension now. You must be up and running now.
  4. JuanP

    sireal number

    Log in to student.vectorworks.net and request a license extension to version 2020, you will receive the new serial # as well as the links to download the installer.
  5. @A McDonell You are correct, we thought the issue related to section viewports was addressed in SP2 but unfortunately wasn't. Seems like it has been challenging to replicate and find the source of this memory leak, however it looks like the next SP will address this issue and some other critical ones. We are moving into releasing more SP during our yearly cycle to move quickly, fixing these issues. Currently, we are testing 2020 SP2.1, and if everything goes well, we will release it next week.
  6. @DBruhnke is correct that one of the main reasons for the new icons was to accommodate the new Dark Mode on the Mac side of things. This is the first iteration of modifying the UI. We know the UI is one of those areas where users are requesting a lot of enhancements, and we will likely be implementing more changes and improvements over the coming versions. Taking a long time to find tools (especially in the range of minutes!) is a problem we need to address. The interface should be easy and clean enough that you can find your tools and commands promptly. Coming up with a perfect look for the UI is not an easy task as personal preferences can be drastically different. I believe having multiple options for an interface would be a good option. Maybe "user selected icon packs?" It will open the door for a lot of customization and different looks so everyone could pick or create one that works best for you. I will keep bringing up your feedback and concerns to our R&D team. It is our priority to keep improving the user experience for all of you. The idea of a focus group also sounds interesting. Maybe we can host a session to collect input and feedback with some of our users and engineers at the upcoming Design Summit in April.
  7. @irenao it could be a simple issue with Workspaces. Please follow these steps to reset them: if the problem persist, please contact your local tech support team or tech@vectorworks.net and we will be happy to help.
  8. @Pauline Rossé you can request a license extension directly in the Student Portal: https://student.myvectorworks.net/home log in using your credential and send a request for a license extension.
  9. @Mathieu Sarasyn Go to https://student.myvectorworks.net and request an extension of you license.
  10. You will be entitled to received any Service Pack (update) of the version purchased. I will have your account representative to contact you with that information.
  11. @Safa Seems like your license was already extended by our UK team. If you are still having issues please contact us at UKTech@vectorworks.net
  12. @johanna byrne Your license has been extended.
  13. Reporting good news. This issue has been fixed in Vectorworks 2020 SP2
  14. @sbarnett I do understand your frustration and we value your feedback. As you probably know, we just released 2020 SP2 and the issue reported above was fixed, I will encourage you to make the upgrade if you haven't done it already. Here it is the post for our release yesterday. Click HERE As part of our community, we appreciate constructive comments to helps us improve our products. please feel free to reach out to me directly at jalmansa@vectorworks.net if there are other items that I can help you out.
  15. @designosaur Seems like you are in the UK. if so, I will suggest you to contact our tech support in the UK, they will be able to walk you through the installation: uktech@vectorworks.net best,


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