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  1. The SU plug-in is total crap. More like a pitiful attempt to draw in purely SU users, since SU does 3D so well, but lacks features VW does do well. Despite the deceiving advertising hype, VW does not do 3D easily. I'm sure you've found that out already, since you've used SU. As far as exporting to VW, try exporting as a 3DS with the units set to mm. For some reason that works for me...mm=ft. This is providing your SU model is in feet, and your VW drawing is in feet. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with all of the extra lines VW adds...it triangulates everything! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to deal with that. If you figure something out, please let me know!
  2. Katie, Believe me, I've tried! Nothing has worked! I get the same results...nada! I'm very dissapointed by this. I'm still waiting on the 12.5 DVD I've ordered...was told it would arrive Monday, but hasn't. I'm very frustrated that I've invested so much time and money in this product, to be at NNA's mercy like this.
  3. I just upgraded (yeah, right!)from 12.1 to 12.5, via the internet updater. Install went fine...except when booting VW now, the 12.5 screen shows up, a few of the tool/attribute boxes appear, then everything disappears and I'm looking at my desktop again. I've tried numerous updates, tried to re-installing 12.1 from disc, but nothing has worked. I'm back to my desktop every time. What's going on? I know A LOT of folks have had problems installing the upgrade, which makes me wonder what NNA did to check the upgrade's installation reliability, including actually attempting the download/install from outside their office network! (I doubt that happened) So how can I get rid of this crappy 12.5 and get back to 12.1? VW isn't even listed in my installed programs for removal! How can I get back to 12.1, which worked? Sorry to kinda rant, but I am now very behind on my deadlines, and having to wait on a snail-mail DVD is not gonna sit well with my clients. They want results, not excuses...and I expect the same from NNA. Eric
  4. I feel your pain, my friend...VW is difficult to grasp if you are used to any other programs. SketchUp, for instance, leaves VW in the dust for 3D modeling/viewing. The NNA ads all claim "easiest to use, powerful, intuitive 3D, etc...", but what a pain in the a$$ to learn, once you are familiar with something else! Keep working with it, in time you'll get the hang of the program. No, it isn't intuitive, but you will figure it out eventually! Best of luck!
  5. Hi, everybody! Quick little problem I'm having: I'm importing a .3DS model from Sketchup, but it's coming in very tiny! It looks great in rendermodes, but tiny. The SU model is 192' wide, and the VW12 import is 7"! Any thoughts on getting a little closer in scale, or simply resizing the imported 3D object? I've gone through the manual, the website, the online help, etc, but no luck. I'm really new to VW12, so be kind, please. I'm really getting frustrated with the steeper learning curve...Sketchup is so simple compared to VW, but I must learn VW for my job! Please help! Thanks for all of the inspiring posts I've read here; it's very helpful! -Eric
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