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  1. Hi all, I would like advice on the best way to extract a surface for patterning a stave for a barrel and for the body of a lute. I have used sweep, and extrude, and tapered extrude, I have tried a couple of nurbs curve and loft surfaces. also tried drape surface....I am stuck. can anyone help? both drawings are attached as pdf. I am using VW 2013 in a mac. thanks Ken. BARREL.pdf 3D oval sweep.pdf
  2. I just had the same problem! have spent the last several days banging my head. thanks allot!!! somehow they got re sized.
  3. there it is then. so you cant open the PDFs in Photoshop?? thanks good to know
  4. HI all, I am using an Educational version of VW13 when I export to pdf and then try to open in Photoshop it asks for a permissions password. does anyone know why and how to turn it off or what the password is?
  5. I have the same text question. how do i use a new font in VW? I have installed a font called flux. it looks like handrafting letters. it works and prints in all of my other programs but not in VW. any Ideas?
  6. Can i add a texture to an extrude along path?
  7. that did it thanks. now for another question. now that the wall renders when i insert a door and give it a texture, the whole door frame, trim and all have the same texture. how do i contrast the door from the trim?
  8. yes. solid fill. I have tried class texture changing textures.. nothing. I can apply toan extruded rectangle no problem.
  9. Hi all, I know that i have seen this befor but I cannot find the answer. why are my wall edges rendering but not the front or back faces?
  10. my doors will only render in gray. is there a way to give them a color and texture?
  11. Thanks mk, I have tried most of those. I am still not able to get the image to fit the way i want it. sometimes it appears rotated 90 colckwise even when it is created correctly in the preview window.
  12. I want to apply a door texture to an extruded rectangle. it is the image of a fire exitdoor. the rectangle extrude is 36x80 in scale. how do i size the texture to fit those dimensions when it is applied? I have created the texture in my resource folder. I am trying to set by image. I have tried typing numbers backward and forward but i want to know the right way to match a texture picture to a specific sized object. any help out there?
  13. Success! Duplicate layer. change visibility to active only. create VP. Simple enough. Phew. that was a lot harder than it shoud have been.
  14. that is the method I am using now. yes it is a bit bulky if there are alot of scene changes with the same set peices....
  15. If I want to show act 1 scn one, and act 1 scn 2 on a sheet layer or a viewport can i do that? viewports change when I move objects around . do i have to save multiple drawings with the set in the proper orientation?


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