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  1. Hi all, corroborating most of the points above, I'd like to make three brief points relating to the 3 different roles that I fulfil doing my job as an architect and VW user: In my practice I am at the same time the Principal/owner and the head VW user , and in my spare (?) time I am a trainer and proselytiser to colleagues in other practices. Principal - I have always found that the uniqueness of VW is in its model buildup methods and usability concepts, which are the closest thing there is out there to the way an architect's mind works from a sketch to a weathering detail. That is why I have been using it since 1985. Running a practice, although it is difficult to find 'Vectorworks proficiency' at the top of a candidate's CAD experience list, I have trained many fine younger colleagues (even from scratch) that have gone on to become better than me at it and have even spread the word. Admittedly it can be a bit steeper learning curve than someone who is revit proficient entering a revit office. but we all know that every office has a different set of protocols and standards that make it adjusting to a system always an initially difficult task. VW user - I am delighted every year by how well VW is maturing and encompassing new flexibities and astounding resources as well as capabilities that are well beyond what we dreamed of when there was only one undo! It is also interesting how VW has managed to 'complicate' its arsenal without over-complicating or dramatically altering its core interface, unlike products like Word or Photoshop that have become all but unintelligible to me. However, as a daily user that delights in navigating through the many features of VW, I am deeply disappointed with the small step back that the new tools have taken with 2020. Many names fro this iteration have been adopted in the posts above, from Fisher price, to Cartoon, to DIY, I understand that the they may work better for a dark mode, but in my opinion, the new tool icons just don't work! You don't change something that has served you so well. I'm sorry, but they are proving a hindrance and a nuisance in my work, the clip tool looks like a tubular section. I wish it were possible for Nemetscheck to address this and revert back to an different set through an update. Trainer - lastly, as a trainer, I am now in a bit of a more difficult position when approaching colleagues. Especially when doing training/promotion in larger practices that have an established and very serious ACAD or revit core of engineer-sympathetic outlook toward CAD in general. to come up and show these new cutesy-carttony icons while I show the magic of what VW does, well, it is frankly quite embarrassing... thanks
  2. I agree with the previous posts, it's like the palettes have been 'cartoonified' by some strange stroke. the other day it took me 10 minutes to identify the offset tool!
  3. it works! Thank you very much Jim. in a roundabout way, I had to 1) delete the end wall cap, then 2) show the wall cap line, 3) apply the render and finally 4) reinstate the end wall cap. this way I have a 2D 3D correct representation... there's always a way with VW
  4. Hello, I have a query regarding the way caps, I can't seem to show the texture of a wall cap in any realistic render mode. I attach an image for clarity, the wall caps are shown by the arrows but appear with no texture... any suggestions welcome Manfredi
  5. thanks Bcd, how're you keeping? I'll send them over forthwith
  6. I have some old but suddenly really important files generated with Minicad 7 that I need to urgently open up with my VW2013, any suggestions greatly appreciated
  7. I have a problem with the space tool: I set up a space and relative label, then for the sake of page space I moved the labels ( a slightly edited Space Tag 1 in this case) off the main page so I can then show then on a separate viewport or in a column on the side of the page. All is fine for a few work iterations and then if I either go into the design layer or close the file - this is totally random - the space labels change scale, either halving or doubling in size. The only way to get them back to the regular scale is to go into the settings and then immediately close them... I had this problem on another file and I worked out it might have been the fact they were on a different viewport (in both the files I work on a 1:100 design layer with relative sheet layer). So I re-worked the DL to have the space labels neatly around the model and it seemed to work. Suddenly a couple of days later the problem presented itself again. I have discussed this problem briefly with my good friend BCD, and at his suggestion I tried a few view changes and viewport edits, but the problem seems to be in the way the DL behaves if you get in or out of it from diverse viewports in the SL. any suggestions?
  8. That was helpful, and although a bit convoluted, it is still manageable if you only deal with it once. Just another question: can you tweak the decimal places in the area field? example: my units are metros with 3 decimals on the normal dimensions, but on the space tool I'd like to have just one decimal after the point in the area calculation, can it be altered? thanks
  9. thanks to all, it looks like the third party option is the simplest, and if it become justifiable I might invest in it Regards Manfredi
  10. thanks bcd, but with 9 panes it is rather tedious, because it decomposes it into a lot of 3D polygons. worth a try though... might aactually build them myself and allow room for adding new panes later
  11. I've been trying to make folding sliding doors with the custom door tool. Folding sliding doors are usually an odd number of folding concertina-type doors that slide away neatly to the side walls. The door tool allows me to make bi-parting glazed leafs that fold away, and they're quite good. Any number above two is not permitted, and the only way to get the nine-leaf unit that I need is as a window object, but this won't show as open, which I require for the presentation. Is there a way 1) to edit a custom door arrangement (not that I can see) 2) to decompose the window object and treat it as a symbol or 3) do I have to go back to creating a symbol from scratch? Thanks to anyone who can help Manfredi
  12. got it thanks, I hadn't checked the attributes button as per Wes's second screenshot two posts ago on this thread... doh!? Thanks for this guys m.
  13. the viewport shows everything as it should, but the actual section appears colourless or not as a proper section, if you know what I mean... not too thick and with no shading or colour within it.
  14. I don't know if I'm missing something - I just upgraded to VWA2011, and I can't seem to see the components in a section viewport. I've tried switching all the usual display buttons on, and I've checked that my line thickness is showing and my sheet layers are not black and white only, but nothing happens. I've tried tweaking the section style line thickness and colour, but nothing happens either, the section looks white with max .35 wide lines, even no matter what rendering I apply to the viewport... This happens both on new files with a couple of walls as test, and on previous files that worked until a few days ago in VW2008 Can anyone help? is this a bug? Thanks
  15. sorry, it was cipes design that gave me the answer initially, my thanks to you then cheers
  16. it works! thanks mikeminoz, I just had to clear up some lines and was able to put the counter in. brilliant, VW never fails to amaze me
  17. Hi, I have a few solar animations to put together for a client and would like - like I used to be able to on earlier versions - to put in a frame counter illustrating the time of day as the sun sweeps through. I'm on VWA08+RW, but when I am asked to click in the centre of the screen to place my counter (second pop-up window in the solar animation routine) an error message appears, warning me that this tool (text tool I presume) cannot be used in stacked layers mode... Any way around this? I tried to interpose a new layer and set it to top/plan, but I need the stack layer for the perspective. Thanks manfredi
  18. We ordered the upgrades to Snow Leopard, but are now realising that VWA 2008 may encounter problems - I also read that VW is not going to run any upgrades for its versions that are older than VW2009. What are we supposed to do? we can't just chuck away our software, can someone in Nemetscheck run a few tests for us faithful customers who haven't upgraded to VW09 and let us know what to expect if we upgrade to SL? thanks
  19. The competition promoters updated the .ifc file to some extent because we were able to import the buildings; the site still does not come out at all, apart from some random 3D lines. they also posted a .pdf of what is normally visible on the solibri viewer. this having to post an ifc for the competition is proving to be quite hard and adding a new layer of complications... We really appreciate any additional help that you guys at NM can give us in trying to unravel this
  20. Great Jeffrey, you're a saint! btw, we were able to open up a rather garbled .dwg on 2008, but all we got as .ifc was just some extruded squares. We also tried opening both .dwg and .ifc up on a demo disk we have for 2009, and we got the same info. Most importantly, and worringly, any 3D model of our scheme exports to a virtually blank file when we try to open it with the solibri viewer Thanks m.
  21. Jeffrey, It is for the Statsbygg competition indeed. We downloaded the Solibri Viewer which shows the bim the proper way but with v2008 we can't import or export properly. the problem is that time is running out but we're discussing with our suppliers the possibilty of getting v2009. is there another way to import the document and getting a good result by using a 3rd party viewer/importer/exporter and v2008? thanks, PS: muntins are mullions, and I haven't forgotten about sending you a EU/USA list of localised components names...
  22. we're having problems with importing and exporting an ifc document we received for a competition participation. we can import it but VW 2008 won't show the bim model in the proper way as you could see it with an ifc viewer. the same with exporting. we can export the project but there are so many parts missing like the extruded solids. help please, we're desperate! VWA 2008+RW on Mac OS Leopard and Tiger - Intel, started on Minicad 3
  23. We've recently resuscitated a job we worked on back in the years of MC7: we are now working with VW2008 and it does not recognise any format prior to 9... I've tried temporarily re-installing our old VW10 to access the files but it won't allow me because of serial numbers conflict. Help! there's quite a lot of complicated details, sections and layouts we could really use.
  24. thanks, it works, although there's a lot of trimming and excluding to be done from the standard names and tags available, and lots of them have American names and they have to be edited or changed to the Irish terms...
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