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  1. Outline of the issues with VW2016: Resource Browser palette: to see and select from the sub-palettes, I have to pull down & to the side. Scrolling is not available. Object Info palette, Data tab: There are 3 sections to this palette. Sometimes all sections are working. Sometimes, only the Record Formats section appears consistently. Other times, the Record Formats and the Record Fields are working. The Record Info field, the user input section is mostly not working and I can't change information in symbols. The Properties palette (accessed via Control-click on object): The Record Formats section of the Properties palette has info while the Record Fields and Record Info sections are empty. When the Object Info palette is open and and set next to the Properties palette, the Object Info palette may be working properly but simultaneously, the Properties palette is not. Cold and hot reboots are ineffective. Solution: exported 18 drawings back to VW2015. This was originally posted on General Discussion; someone added their issues to mine and got attention and my OP was not addressed.
  2. Resource Browser palette: scroll is not available; must pull down & to side to see and select symbols. Object Info palette, Data tab: only Record Formats consistently appears, the Record Fields is the 2nd most frequently appearing and the Record Info field, with typed in content, appears least. Also, when the Object Info palette is working properly and the Properties palette is opened, via Control-click on object, next to the Object Info palette the Record Formats section of the Properties palette has info while the Record Fields and Record Info sections are empty. Cold and hot reboots are ineffective. If there is no correction, I may have to export to VW2015.
  3. Kool Aid? Wasn't Kool-Aid invented in Nebraska in the 1920s? Kool Aid, Koolaid, Kool-Aid, Kool-Ade or Fruit Smack, it's all the same thing. We hope the name of your company is making you wealthy, healthy and happy. Cheers.
  4. Removed by author. Solution: used forward slash in file name instead of hyphen.
  5. Yes, BIM/BIM 3D Model may not be a financial success now and may never apply to certain building types in its pure form. But these are early days. A variety of major money projects are implementing some form of the program and these are projects overseen by heavy weight project managers that squeeze money out of everyone. Then you have GSA, the number one BIM force for some years now, is requiring the use of BIM in some form. They all believe in the BIM/BIM 3D Model potential to greatly reduce construction time and costs and energy consumption, etc. A side note to an earlier post, Turner Construction is one of the largest construction companies in the U.S. and it is owned by Hochtief AG of Germany, that country's largest construction company. I believe Jan Reinhardt in 2007 said it is Hochtief that introduced the BIM 3D model in Germany and is pushing it in the U.S. A couple of details of how this system works that was mentioned by Reinhardt in 2007. Some shop drawings are entirely omitted, as noted earlier, because the systems are finely detailed on the project 3D model by each trade and each trade adds his system to the project model. When there is a conflict between systems (the software includes "clash detection" features), the architect, subs meet on site to review and resolve clashes in the model. Reinhardt said this actually expedited the process. This is the coordination meeting/e-version of composite building system shop drawings. Fabrication is also affected by the BIM 3D model. Reinhardt's example: the electrical sub assembles long sections of conduits with bends and fittings in his shop, puts them on a flat bed trailer and installs these assembled sections on site. It allows subs to reduce field staffing and assembly and time. In 2007, Reinhardt said no real savings were realized on the Atlantic Yards project because it was the first BIM 3D Model project and all contributing parties were experiencing issues. I believe Reinhardt said Hochtief AG has been developing and implementing the model in Germany and elsewhere for some years now. Over the next five years, I believe the BIM 3D Model process will be greatly refined and many others will be implementing it, too. Within ten years, medium sized projects will be using a very similar model. And, small commercial projects and residential projects will follow, maybe with a modified version. I am again linking this article because it is a 2008 update on this subject: http://newyork.construction.com/features/archive/2008/06_feature1.asp Leonard
  6. Elephants love peanuts, too. BIM is big and yes, it has been slow to develop momentum but it is building. Below is another link to an article related to BIM which includes the next phase, the BIM 3D model, which was employed with recent projects. I attended an 2007 AIA CEU event with Jan Reinhardt/Turner Construction (in this article) as presenter and this was the subject. It was fascinating how the BIM model is/was employed on the Atlantic Yards Gehry project in Brooklyn. They were able to significantly reduce the number of shop drawings submitted by various trades (electrical, HVAC, etc.) Drywall was erected *before* these trades and perfectly cut round and rectangular holes were provided and the trades knew in advance from the reference model with all the systems precisely detailed, with the exact route of their system and where their hole was located in the dry wall. They could see it and check the size from the model. They did "before" (a blank GWB wall with the holes) and "after" (with actual piping, ducts, etc.) photos that were very impressive. It should be noted that the BIM model (2007) was a problem with some trades such as concrete. Our profession is experiencing a revolution that is on low heat. http://newyork.construction.com/features/archive/2008/06_feature1.asp Leonard
  7. BIM is happening. There is an article in the current Green Construction Purchasing magazine here: http://www.construction-purchasing.com/site/archives/build_your_business/Clee_D08J09_BIM.php A huge proponent of BIM is the U.S. GSA click here (link may not be visible): http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/channelView.do?pageTypeId=8195&channelPage=%252Fep%252Fchannel%252FgsaOverview.jsp&channelId=-18161 Here are some of the early signatories to the National BIM Standard and the FAQ link and the Standard download button: http://www.buildingsmartalliance.org/nbims/adopters.php How about a job opening? Check under Programs in this Craig's List posting in NYC: Reply to: job-946429819@craigslist.org [?] Date: 2008-12-05, 3:41PM EST Architect and Interior Design openings Exp: 4-10+ years Must have a portfolio of large scale healthcare and higher education projects Responsibilities: Project management Team management Client presentations Planning, concept and design development Programs: AutoCAD, Revit & BIM BArch required, MArch and registration preferred LEED a plus! Please email your resume and portfolio samples for consideration Compensation: $60-80,000 DOE Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. PostingID: 946429819 http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/egr/946429819.html BIM is the way of the future so, make friends with the inevitable. Leonard
  8. As more life saving surgery is carried out by robots or whenever one boards a jetliner, these are thoughts to remember, especially "aggravated beyond words". : wink :
  9. Yep on the pm and see my response. I will pm the person who posted the Illustrator suggestion and see if that yields something useful. We are not upgrading to CS or vwA2009 for a while so, if contacting that poster leads no where, I guess no importing of PDFs. Obviously, this problem is not going to be fixed. If there is removing AI is a work around that works I will post that here. Thanks again for your help M.CH. Leonard
  10. M.CH, I tried saving in Preview with a new name and got the same dialog message. Someone earlier in this thread had noted that there is possibly an Illustrator/VW conflict at the root of this problem. Furthermore, it was suggested that AI be removed. Is there any validity to this theory? NNA and others did not embrace this idea. Edit: BTW, thanks for hanging in there with me on this M.CH.
  11. M.CH, your suggestion did not work. Import PDF was in the WorkSpace Editor but I deleted it and dragged another over from Commands. It appeared in the list (as it did before). When I clicked it, the same "Plug-in Object file is missing" dialog message popped up
  12. I tried the Architect workspace and even reinstalled VW2008. I will try your "re-import the pdf option" suggestion. Thanks for posting, M.CH. Note to NNA: the pdfs I wanted to import last night, and noted in my post above, went out to our client as pdfs and not on our sheets with title blocks.
  13. It is 11:07 pm here, post prime time, and struggling to use Import PDF in order to send construction sketches to a client *tonight*. I am, however, only getting the missing plug in message. Is there any resolution to this problem with VW2008? I will try Import Image instead. MacBook Pro, 2.16GHz, 2GB, Mac OS 10.4.11 VectorWorks2008 SP3 (Build 88670) Fundamentals/Architect/Renderworks
  14. I do a lot of 3D archvis, 2D CAD, graphics, etc. and have used Kensington's programmable Turbo Ball with the heavy 2"+/- ball (current model no. K64325) for years. I think it is less than ?75/$150. No complaints here. MacBook Pro, 2.16GHz, 2GB, Mac OS 10.4.11 VectorWorks2008 SP2 (Build 83388) Fundamentals/Architect/Renderworks Cinema 4D v10.111 VrayForC4D 1.0876 Maxwell Render v1.6.1, C4D/M~R plugin v1.6f4 Fryrender 1.9.1
  15. Thanks for the update Tolu. It just crashed again, which reminded me to check in here. BTW, I had at least 3 more after I posted yesterday. Fortunately, I have autosave set for "every 1 minute" because the building department drawings I am trying to issue would be in serious trouble.
  16. Any word, Tolu? I have had at least 3 crashes this morning.
  17. Tolu, Logs and files sent to you yesterday. Leonard
  18. Description: after working in this 2D doc. for hours, the pointer suddenly becomes the spinning ball for about 2-3 seconds followed by the app closing. A dialog box pops open offering to send Apple a crash report (which I click "yes"). The crashing file size 2.3mg. I have run Disk Utility. Just a reminder on the equipment specs: MacBook Pro, 2.16GHz, 2GB, Mac OS 10.4.11 VectorWorks2008 SP2 (Build 83388) Fundamentals/Architect/Renderworks
  19. It has been a while but VW2008 has been crashing since I last posted here and has crashed twice so far today. Fortunately, I have the Autosave set to every 1 minute ? yes, one minute. Kate, I would not mind sending you the file I am currently working on, if that would help, or I can send the crash log or both.
  20. @Katie, I will run Disk Utility again. The file is on the local computer. Thanks. @ joerg, I have a mixed situation. When this started, the drawing was created in VW on the same computer, not imported. A corrupt font is still a possibility and I may do a cut/paste if it crashes again. The most recent crash involved an imported dxf drawing. This time it repeatedly crashed only while trying to print. With this simple floor plan with layers, I did a cut/paste which seems to have solved that episode (he said with fingers crossed). Thanks for responding. VW has always been a rock solid app and crashing is unheard of here. Hopefully, I have seen the last of it.
  21. VW2008 crashed again after saving and then trying to print. The 4.9mb file started out as a dxf, was imported into VW2008 and was copied and pasted into a title block sheet. The crash report is attached.
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