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  1. With the upgrade from 12.0.1 to 12.5, I seem to have lost the ability to copy text out of a VW text block and paste it into a MS Word document. I can still do the reverse, Word into VW. Anyone know if this is this a bug, feature or installation issue? Thanks Windows XP Pro. VW Fundamentals & Designer.
  2. This actually works, at least in some cases. PROCEDURE TwoByFourWallLow; VAR h :HANDLE; boo :BOOLEAN; BEGIN NameClass('plan-walls low'); CallTool(-208); h := FSActLayer; boo := SetWallHeights(h,48,48); boo := SetWallThickness(h,3.5); END; RUN(TwoByFourWallLow); What's not working is the script only sets the first wall segment created. The width and height of the second segment reverts to whatever the tool preference was befor. I would think VectorScript capable of setting the Wall Attributes Preferences.
  3. So, in Fundamentals, there is no way to set the Wall Attributes from a script?
  4. We're using 12.0.1 Fundamentals on ten computer's and one with Architect. My understanding is fundamentals doesn't allow access to styled walls, hense the need for a work around. thanks for any help.
  5. Is there a way to set the wall tool defaults for a document from a script? I would like to have several scripts that will set different wall configurations. I could use the SetWallPrefStyle but have 10 installations with VW Fundamentals which don't have access to wall styles.
  6. DanielB

    Wall script

    Thanks for your suggestions. Interestingly the (obsolete) call SetWallWidth sticks from one segment to the next but SetWallThickness(h,5.5) does not. Nor does SetWallHeights(h,96,96). I've also been experimenting with SetTool but have not had any luck with my issues either.
  7. DanielB

    Wall script

    We have a script pallet with several predefined walls. The scripts have been around since VW version 8 or so and have finally quite working with version 12. We've rewritten them as follows but have the problem that after drawing one wall (even after simply turning a corner)the width reverts to the default. Can anyone help? Thanks. PROCEDURE TwoBySixStudWall; VAR h :HANDLE; boo :BOOLEAN; BEGIN NameClass('plan-walls new'); CallTool(-208); h := FSActLayer; boo := SetWallHeights(h,96,96); boo := SetWallThickness(h,5.5); END; RUN(TwoBySixStudWall);
  8. I'm still on VW 10.5.1 on Win 2K. I have arrowheads on arcs that only dissappear on linked layers. The arrowheads are fine on the source layer and straight lines retain their arrowheads.
  9. I had the same problem. The solution that worked for me was to reduce the DPI from the default of 1200 to 300 or 600.
  10. I too am having problems printing PDFs from VW 10.5 & Acrobat 6. I'm not getting text or arrow heads when printing a sheet larger than 11 x 17. Everything comes through at 11 x 17. I'm on W2K Pro.


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