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  1. I have tried hitting the Esc key to stop a render - but nothing happens. Is this a bug or do I need to change a setting? VW 12.5.3, XP Pro, Intel 945GTP MB, Intel P4 3.0 GHZ MNP
  2. Is it possible to export VW 12.5 files that have wall and door symbols, plus custom Hybrid symbols to DWG so that the 3D elements are visible and complete when viewed in Autocad 2004? When I open the created DWG file in AC2004, it is essentially a 2D flat file with only the most basic 3D shapes (ie. an extruded polygon) actually having any 3D properties. I can't seem to find any discussion of this in the forums. Thanks! MNP
  3. Do you have any problems with the DJ9800 printing large VW files with 3D elements. This printer is driving me crazy!
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