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  1. Anyone else have an issue with 2008 having display errors? When I have a tool such as the 2D reshape active and moving a point, I want to jump to the pan tool using the spacebar/boomerang mode to scroll the drawing across the page. In version 12.5 I could do this with no problems and to great affect. I could be zoomed in and pull a point to a place not shown on the screen. In 2008 my screen go a little haywire. Maybe for the next 2008 update?
  2. How about giving an option to toggle viewport between b&w and color? This would be great to be able to turn off drafting colors to show drawing in b&w and then mark up in a color (over the b&w) in either annotation layer or on sheet layer. -bsp
  3. How about a function much like the data stamp PIO tool for the titleblock. This would allow for automatic updates of date and filename information especially for making custom titleblocks. The benefit is having a date on the drawing that describes when it was plotted vs issue date. Also it erradicates the pesky human memory and extra steps toward plotting.
  4. Please let me know how to use the Issue Manager to automatically update the date in the titleblock. The purpose is to have a plot date on the titleblock so that I can quickly and easily see which print comes after which other. (In the Autocad world this is production information usually seen on the left margin of the print out) For now I have to remember to go in and update the titleblock manually (via the issue manager or the OIP). From day to day I sometimes forget... And I would like this distinct from the Issue data wich is a different piece of information. Having an automatic file name stamp would just be a convenience... Also having it as part of the titleblock and not distinct such as the data stamp PIO is convenient so the layout is precise and does not get altered. thanks -bsp
  5. Those are all great suggestions and seem to work. However they do not work in conjunction with the plug-in titleblock. I like the custom plug-in titleblock that all people in my office can use and share easily. However having the data stamp object nested inside of the titleblock symbol does not work as it does not update and it creates ghost images that alter the margins etc... The plug-in titleblock/ issue manager is a great tool that could be more effective if the filename, date, time etc information could be added and updated automatically. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. For now this information will have to exist outside of the titleblock (?)
  6. I've wanted to do this for a while. I've tried using the data stamp.vso inside a custom titleblock plug-in symbol but it seems to have a small hang-up. The data stamp appears additionally outside the titleblock and messes with the titleblock margin. Any suggestions. (ps: the vectordepot link seems to be broken)
  7. Hi Katie, Thanks for the tip. Thats a nice feature that I did not know about. Unfortunately it did not work for "ghost" items. It threw me out into space, the object info says "no selection." I have a similar experience with the custom selection tool. It says there are items but when I select it blinks and then the obj info says "no selection." I wouldn't worry but they show up on the work sheet. thanks -bsp
  8. I was having very similar problems and hope that I have fixed it. No freezes for 6 weeks. Basic problems might occure from graphics card problem - not properly seated. Interference with the user profile. Interference between different applications. Possible solutions: 1) For Mac try creating a different user profile and work under that to see if the problem still happens. 2) unistall all applications (or try a re-install of OS to rid of all info). Then only install VW and workfor a while and see if it is OK. Then add a new application slowly one by one, working for a while with each before adding a new one. This may help isolate the any interference. In my case I believe that it was interference from the network mail system. A new user profile and email address has seemed to clear the problem. good luck -bsp
  9. I have window ID labels that I can not locate in the drawing but appear on the schedule. How do I get rid of them? I have tried to delete windows, walls, classes, purge all unused objects. Custom selection by field value shows the extra ID labels but does not actually select them. How do I exorcise these ghosts in my drawings? -bsp
  10. Ethan, I've had that same problem for some time; however, its been much more sever in that nothing but restarting helps. I also noticed one other post a while back with the same issue. -bsp Mac 10.4.7 VW 12 Architect
  11. I'm making a custom titleblock. What is the code to make the file name and date automatically update? Also is there a way to automatically (not data stamp tool) place the production info - date and file name - at the edge of the boarder, much like is done with Autodesk? -bsp
  12. Yes, I've been having the same trouble. I'm on an iMac G5. I've been having the people at the Genius bar at Mac store look at the problem. No answer as yet. My solution has been to restart the application. Also I find that its not a problem when I'm not (physically) connected to a server or internet. But being random it may be a coincidence. I will try the other user log in as well. -bsp
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