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  1. Manda

    page setup

    oh, sorry. VW 12.0, OSX 10.4.2. We have an HPDesignjet 800 ps (plotter) and a Xerox Phaser 7300 (printer) - the weirdness occours regardless of which one I do the page setup for.
  2. Manda

    page setup

    I don't know if this a problem with VW or my computer, but my printable area rectangle is not changing even when I change the page setup to be a different page size. It does actually print on the size of paper I chose, but it's still quite irksome! Anyone else encounter this or know how to fix it?
  3. Manda


    ohhhhh. got it. thanks!
  4. In VW 11, you used to be able to make layers into overlays through the layer dialogue box. In VW 12, there is a transparency option in this dialogue box, but it does not have the same effect (i.e. it looks baaaad). Any suggestions? Have they just moved this option to another menu or something? Sorry if this has been covered before.


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