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  1. oooops, sorry, pressed enter before I finished the line... I'm interested to know if you can export a .dwg file with hidden line rendering that doesn't come up in AutoCad with all the arc lines in a curve also printed out. That would solve a lot of problems.... Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hi there Problem resolved! It was the Reader/vs full Acrobat issue with a little summer-office-help thrown in on the side to add to confusion. I'm still interested in whether or not you can export a .dwg file with hidden line rendering that doesn't come up in Auto Thanks all for your help!
  3. Thanks for your suggestions I'll have to check with the printer.. I believe that they printed from Acrobat and not just reader... Though I never thought to ask that -I will also find out what driver they are using (Thanks for that suggestion as well, islandmon). The other suggestion the Printer had was to export a .DWG file to them, however, that just seems to give all the 3D information (which then prints out), even though I've saved a file with hidden lines rendered... Is this also common? Thanks again
  4. Hello Has anyone had an issue with PDF's changing scale when printed on a plotter? The theatre I am working for has an architectural firm which donates plotter time. When I open the saved files in Acrobat, the scale seems fine, however the company I send them to claim that the scale has changed?.... Is this a common problem? A PC/Mac issue? Is there a way I can test this on my home printer? Thanks in advance!


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