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  1. Is doing that still recommended even if I have lots of RAM?...
  2. Thanks @michaelk and @Edgar RAMEL for the feedback. @Pat Stanford I shut down Vectorworks overnight. Today, before attempting to create a new user account, I tried to replicate the problem in a brand new blank file. I couldn't. I imported one of the same PDF underlays, and still couldn't recreate the issue. Then I started with a new file created from my template. I tried to re-create the (relatively few) steps that I'd taken in my project file, such as importing the PDF underlay, deleting a story, deleting and renaming some design layers, and importing wall styles from an older project. Still couldn't recreate the problem. So, for now, I think I won't pursue creating a new user account. Did just restarting Vectorworks help? Yesterday, I'd quit Vectorworks and re-opened it before starting my new project, so that was low on my list of possible remedies... If it happens again, I'll try the new user account thing. Thanks!
  3. Hi Marissa, Evidently this fails in VW 2020 as well (guess I haven't used it in a while). I do know that another Marionette object or two also failed in VW 2020 when I tried to use them a few months ago. The attached "02-VW2020 Stair Run.vwx" file has the Stair Run object in its Resource Manager. When I place it on the design layer, it's invisible. It can be selected using "Select All." But it only appears in the OIP, with just one or two of its many fields. After saving and reopening the file, "Select All" finds nothing. The Stair Run was imported from my Marionette Library file. Going back in time to VW 2018 (I skipped 2019) I get similar results... although I was very much expecting it to work. Why would Marionette work fine in VW 2018 back in the year 2018, but not here in 2021?!?!... Anyway, in File "03-VW2018 Stair Run.vwx" there's at least some progress: the Stair Run at least exists as a single Locus, which you should be able to select and see in the OIP (where it's gained an additional field...). In File "05-VW2018-Project Stair-1801-047W.vwx" I have imported a stair symbol from a 2018 project in which the Stair Run worked fine. In this file that stair is a 3D symbol in which there is a solid, and that solid includes four instances of the Stair Run. If you work your way down to the Stair Run, it should exist as expected, with its many fields in the OIP. When I changed the number of Risers for one of the Stair Run objects in the OIP, it farted. I didn't do that in this file because the previous file I did that in now immediately crashes VW 2018 when I try to open it. In File 05, and in the original project file, there's no Marionette plug-in object in the Resource Manager; only just the Network symbol. I can't recall how one otherwise goes from a network symbol to a Marionette object... In any case... File "06-VW2018-Stair Run-05.vwx" is a copy of File 05. In this file, I imported the "44-Stair Run" Marionette plug-in object from my Marionette Library file. When asked if I wanted to replace the "Network Symbol-Stair Run" I selected no; use the existing one. When I then placed an instance of the Stair Run in this file, it worked as expected. (I changed the Floor to Floor to 12' and changed the No. of Risers to 21). Hopefully you can similarly make changes; let's call this the "original" file that you're asking for... Last but not least, File "07-VW2021 Stair Run.vwx" is a VW 2021 file. Like File 02 it's a brand new blank file into which I imported the Stair Run from my Marionette Library. It seems to behave exactly like File 02. Let's call this the "file created upon conversion" that you're looking for. VWIS209 Thanks! -Will 02-VW2020 Stair Run.vwx 03-VW2018 Stair Run.vwx 05-VW2018-Project Stair-1801-047W.vwx 06-VW2018-Stair Run-05.vwx 07-VW2021 Stair Run.vwx
  4. Thanks Pat, I will try that tomorrow and let you know how I make out.
  5. My Marionette "Stair Run" object has been working fine for a year or two or three. Welcome to Vectorworks 2021. I placed the object into a very new VW file, created in VW 2021, from a brand new VW 2021 template and... it failed. See attached. I'm an ever-increasingly unhappy Vectorworks user. All the time I've invested in Vectorworks and Marionette seems to be going to waste. *Sigh* VWIS209 (In a brand new blank VW file, at least I don't get that warning. But, even with all classes on, the Marionette object is entirely invisible. I only know it's there if I do a "Select All." Then it's in the OIP. But most of its fields are missing. It's a downward spiral.)
  6. A really great new feature of Vectorworks would be to speed it up. Brand new template created from scratch in 2021. Brand new project, with just a couple of PDF plan underlays, a few walls, and some basic resources. Every other new dimension, and now simple lines, require a pause of 2 or 3 seconds, and often the spinning beachball. In Vectorworks, I wish we could pull dimensions and draw lines in real time.
  7. Vectorworks 2021, and I STILL have to right-click on resources and select "Locate (Resource) In Resource Manager..." TWICE, two times, repeated a second time, before the resource in question is ACTUALLY highlighted in the Resource Manager. Why?!?!?! VWIS180
  8. Yep; more and more I find myself seeking an alternative - something with all the great features and the rich promise of Vectorworks... but without the endless array of crippling issues.
  9. I've run a worksheet report on rectangles. One of the rectangles (on an angle) is 19' wide by 1' high. I know it's so because the OIP says so. But the report returns the rectangle's 1' height as its width. Why?!?!?!?!?! Why are a rectangle's width and height such a mystery to Vectorworks? Why does EVERY new thing I attempt in Vectorworks represent inexplicable difficulty and the need for a workaround or two???
  10. Working on 2D symbols with hatches, the hatches are just "patterns"/gray until I edit the symbol at least once. Hatches that I've (repeatedly) mapped (they're just on an angle) are (repeatedly) just blank when I return to work on the file (after closing the file? after restarting VW? not sure...). Just now I zoomed way, way, way, way out before I could see the entirety of the attribute mapping tool and its grips. Why is Vectorworks SO graphically challenged?!?!?!?!?!?! Please fix it. Please develop a graphics module or some such thing that... oh, wait...
  11. Nice. I open a VW 2020 file in VW 2021, publish the drawings, and all of the elevation viewports are mis-aligned with the model. Does anyone actually make any money using Vectorworks? VWIS207
  12. Drives me batty. I just can't seem to learn that even though I can't see my work, I am at least getting it done.
  13. It appears this issue is not resolved with VW 2021, SP1. I SO wish the whole Navigation Graphics thing would GO AWAY!!! Vectorworks has been graphically challenged ever since the introduction of the VGM. Please either make the Navigation Graphics choices go away or, at the very least, make it so that "Best Performance" performs, well, better than "Best Compatibility." VWIS179
  14. @Peter Neufeld - Thanks for your response. I started with Vectorworks 12, though I'm pretty sure (or at least I hope!...) my current template didn't originate back then. I've been taking the "purist" approach to the greatest extent that I can. Very hopefully older library resources - in particular hybrid symbols for things like appliances, furniture, and all the rest of that good stuff - shouldn't be problematic, because of course there's no feasible - or at least affordable - way to re-create years' worth of older libraries. Hopefully Vectorworks is at least compatible with older versions of itself when it comes to such resources... I did import classes from my previous template file, pretty much as you describe above for Design Layers. So it's good to hear that that shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, I'm recreating my Stories, Level Types and Design Layers all from scratch. I actually do have a lot of master viewports (full of visibility & attributes overrides), but I'm going to recreate those from scratch as well. I've had some questionable experiences with migration, particularly with Vectorworks. So for some years now I've used the feature sparingly. Unfortunately, if nothing else, I've always migrated the Workspace (too bad there isn't more of an indication that it's not recommended beyond just leaving it off by default...). But for 2021, I have recreated my Workspace entirely from scratch (luckily I've always a kept a list of my (many) keyboard shortcuts). This is turning into a good opportunity to purge old, unused stuff and to streamline things. Thanks! -Will
  15. You and me both. I wish we could create Stories with Design Layers that don't initially (and it's only initially...) require associated Level Types. See: VWIS055
  16. Still, in VW 2021, I wish we could create Default Story Level (which are really default Design Layers with associated Level Types) without having to associate a Level Type with each default Design Layer (sorry, each "Default Story Level"...). PLEASE make it so that when we're setting up Default Story Levels a Level Type is not required to proceed!!! (i.e., make it so that when the Level Type is displayed as " < None > ", we can click on "OK" without being ignored). Level Types can be deleted after the fact; please let us exclude them in the first place (so that we don't need a bunch of Level Types named "Delete 01," etc). ((In my original post, I think all of the "" should have been " < None >"...)). VWIS055 Looks like Tech Support submitted this in 2015 as a bug... ... ...
  17. It looks as though Materials are not are not an aspect of Classes...
  18. So... Vectorworks Roof and Roof Face objects don't have any kind of cut plane capability?... ... ...
  19. My main VW template has been around for many years and has been forwarded from one version of Vectorworks to the next (maybe via migration, more likely more often by creating a .vwx file in the previous version, and then opening and saving that as a new .sta file). So, with VW 2021, I'm attempting to create a brand new template file from scratch. Maybe this will make some of the issues I have with Vectorworks go away... I'm always hopeful! It's definitely exposing me to new (or at least new-to-me) features & functions. When it comes to classes, I'd like to open a VW 2020 file in VW 2021 and, from there, simply import all of the classes (many custom classes) that I already have into my new VW 2021 template file (rather than actually re-creating some 100+ classes all from scratch, with all of their attributes and, in particular, their colors (the Apple color palette's so annoying)). So... is it safe to assume that classes, even if they've been around for maybe as much as a decade, are fairly straight forward and extremely likely to be free of any corruptions and/or legacy-related issues??? Thanks!
  20. Interesting, I guess I didn't realize those fields could be activated by the mode keys; I thought those keys only just cycled through the available fields for any one mode. I actually have my "D" key set to Move by Points (I use it a LOT), so I've replaced "P" with "R" and hopefully the close proximity "D" and "R" will make this (almost) as good as just hitting the "D" key twice. Thanks for the suggestion!
  21. Okay, I'm trying it with "Use Application Window" and Tabs. Tabs are okay; maybe even growing on me. At least I can quickly close files with them, same as clicking on the red dot. I've docked the OIP and Attributes palettes and made them as small as possible, and I've docked the Nav palette and made that as big as possible (all three vertically). I use both a lot and really want them to be "omnipresent." I often look at the OIP to see or confirm what I've selected, and how many there are. I've set Command-I to call up the Properties dialogue box (pretty much the same as the OIP(?)...) for when I need more info or settings for a particular object. We'll see how it goes!
  22. VW2021. Please make it so that when we right-click on an object near the bottom of the screen, the entire pop-up context menu is entirely visible, without having to scroll down within the menu. VWIS066
  23. I use the Move by Points tool extensively. In VW 2020, when I double-tap my keyboard shortcut, the "Move by Points Settings" dialogue box comes up, I punch in the number of duplicates I want, and hit return. Very fast. In VW 2021, the "Move by Points Tool Preferences" button seems to have gone away so that it's now necessary to find the "Number of Duplicates" box, get the cursor to it, and then type in the number of duplicates. PLEASE bring back the "Move by Points Tool Preferences" button!!! VWIS205 This is similar to the Fillet Tool: years ago one could simply double-tap the "7" key, and immediately punch in the radius. But for some years now, it's been necessary to enter the radius into the "Fillet Radius" box. Not such a big deal for the Fillet Tool but, for me, for Move by Points, this removed functionality is very much missed! On the bright side, the preview of objects that will be placed when using the Move by Points tool in VW 2021 is excellent! And it looks like it works for Mirror as well; great!
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