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  1. Actually, when I go back to my original preferences, that's all still the same: the Outer Boundary mode will recognize two overlapping rectangles but, otherwise, neither mode seems to work. So I guess changing the preferences actually made no difference at all...
  2. And it only works for a couple of rectangles overlapping each other... not for a single rectangle...
  3. If I blow away the Vectorworks Preferences in Application Support and try again, I can get the Outer Boundary mode to work on a couple of rectangles drawn in the viewport's annotations. But Inner Boundary still doesn't work, and neither works for geometry from the design layer...
  4. Sorry! The files were attached to another post of mine. They were created for that issue, but can be used for this as well. I'll attach them again here. Vectorworks 2018-VWIS170-002.vwx Vectorworks 2020-VWIS170-003.vwx
  5. Ah................. user error!! ūüôĄWish I had a department to blame this on... I rarely use components, so when I edited the Roof Face Style, I didn't look beyond the "Edit Roof Attributes..." button. But now I see (I think...) that that only controls attributes for the Roof Face's Top/Plan representation, and its the component's attributes that control its 3D / Section representation. Thank you Alan & Tamsin!
  6. Hi Tony, I'm using 2020 SP1, build 512839. This issue also seems to apply to the Outer Boundary Mode as well. Vertex mode is fine. And for both the Inner and Outer Boundary Modes, it seems to apply both for objects drawn directly in the viewport's annotations space, as well as for geometry that's on the design layer and rendered in the viewport. Thanks!
  7. Hi Tamsin, In both of the above attached files, the user and internal origins are coincident, and the geometry straddles 0,0. In the VW 2018 file (using VW 2018...), the Polygon Tool > Inner Boundary works as expected. In the VW 2020 file, nothing happens. Not even a spinning beach ball like it's trying to do something. Both of these files were created from scratch using the "blank document" option in their respective versions of Vectorworks. Thanks!
  8. Oh no!! It seems that in Vectorworks 2020, the Polygon Paint Bucket (the "2D Polygon Tool: Inner Boundary Mode") does nothing in Section Viewports?... In Vectorworks 2018 and all previous versions, it works fine, where I've used it extensively to "punch" my building elevations. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or, if I'm missing something, let me know what it is...). VWIS173
  9. I rarely print drawings on paper; I typically just send PDFs to clients. So it wasn't until recently, zooming in on a building elevation (Section Viewport), that I realized that the line weight for all of my Roof Face objects was too thin. So I started the investigation. *Sigh* First I tried to figure out if I could control their line weights with viewport overrides and/or by changing the attributes of their class. But that lead to another problem. I found that updating viewport overrides and/or changing class attributes would only sometimes actually affect the line weights as displayed in the viewport. Huh?!? Finally, after much time & frustration, I found that it was necessary to update the viewport twice before the viewport would finally update properly. As far as I can tell, in VW 2018 this is necessary most, if not all, of the time. In VW 2020, it seems more sporadic. Fine. Always update Viewports twice after changing line weights. VWIS171 But in figuring all of that out, holy cow, yet another problem cropped up. I found that after changing the viewport's line weight override for a particular class and then changing it back again, some objects would failed to update with that second change. Huh?!? I quickly realized it was scaled 3D symbols that weren't updating, but it took quite a while to (I think) figure out a solution: if the line weight of said symbols doesn't update, edit the class itself (not the override) and temporarily change the class's line weight to a different one and back again. After that's done, the viewport should then update properly. VWIS172 I have no idea what the original issue was. Oh yes... it seems that in Section Viewports, in Hidden Line Render mode, Roof Face objects always render with a 0.05 mm line weight, regardless of what corrective actions one might attempt. I guess one workaround might be to convert Roof Face objects into Solid Additions, but of course then one gives up control over their textures. VWIS170 All of the above seems to apply in BOTH Vectorworks 2018 (SP5) and in Vectorworks 2020 (SP1). Attached are test files in both versions, both created with blank documents. Vectorworks 2018-VWIS170-002.vwx Vectorworks 2020-VWIS170-003.vwx
  10. I don't know, I can't seem to consistently replicate this issue this morning. I believe it happened before and after I updated to SP1, yet I haven't even restarted VW since updating. If it happens again, I'll try to send something (ultimately, I cut holes in the main slab and made the bathroom slabs the same depth, tops of all Floor Objects at exactly the same elevation - in which case; having done that, there have been no display issues...). Thanks.
  11. On top of my main Floor Object, I created a 1/16" thick Floor Object for a bathroom and added a floor tile texture to it. Nothing. I edited the Floor Object (which is necessary to get Floor Objects and even Roof Faces to display their textures (VWIS078)) but, still, nothing. Finally, when I zoomed out, the texture became visible. When I zoomed back in again... it disappeared. I seems that the more one zooms out, the greater the difference between the top surfaces of floor objects needs to be in order for their textures to display... VWIS169
  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!! This is major (at least for me). One of the main reasons I moved beyond VW 2016 was for Door & Window Styles, a reason seriously compromised when this Symbols issue appeared with VW 2019. So, it is absolutely, extremely beyond great to now have this solution! (Which solution must be one of the simplest VW workarounds ever... ...one that I never would have figured out in a million years...). Thanks, Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Okay, great, thank you. My only experience with 2019 is a few short-lived trials, so, I'm comparing 2020 to 2018...
  14. Vectorworks 2020. Open a brand new, blank file. Make sure Vectorworks Preferences > Display > "Center on objects after view change" is selected. At the top left of the page layout, create an extrude. Zoom in on the extrude so that it fills the screen (a "working zoom"). Toggle through a variety of 3D views, and the extrude remains centered each time, as expected. In Top/Plan view, save the extrude as a symbol, with Insertion Point set to "Next Mouse Click," and use the lower right of the page layout as the symbol's insertion point. Edit the symbol, zoom so that the extrude fills the screen, and again toggle through a variety of 3D views. This time the extrude disappears, unless you zoom out enough to see it off to the side, because it's not being centered after the view changes. Repeat this in Vectorworks 2018, and the extrude always stays centered, as expected, both inside and outside the symbol. I often create symbols with geometry that's some distance from the file's 0,0 origin, but I use the 0,0 origin as the symbol's insertion point so that I can cut & paste-in-place geometry into and out of the symbol. VWIS168
  15. This inability of Doors and Windows in symbols to retain their Door and Window Styles when in said symbols persists in Vectorworks 2020. It is absolutely, extremely beyond frustrating. Particularly since it was acknowledged by Tech Support exactly ONE year ago tomorrow, and again submitted to the "engineers" six months ago by Matt. VWIS148


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