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  1. Unless your geometry is a solid subtraction (such as may be created with the new Offset Edge command), or a solid addition, or a generic solid, or a sweep... apparently pretty much everything except simple extrudes... But maybe I'm missing something. Applies to both Materials and applied Fills.
  2. What could be simpler? Three text objects and a 2D loci on a sheet layer, where "screen" plane is the only option. Yet when I make a symbol from those four objects, only the 2D loci remains. Why?!?!?!?!?! Finally, I realize it's a 2D/3D symbol. Huh?!?!? How, on a sheet layer, is a hybrid symbol created from what are presumably 2D, "screen plane" objects?? So I edit the 3D component (of this hybrid symbol on this 2D-only sheet layer), change the text from its 3D plane to screen plane, and, finally, get the originally expected 2D symbol. What a great waste of 5 or 10 minutes. But on the bright side, at least Vectorworks is consistent with this type of nonsensical behavior. Vectorworks 2021, beta version SP4. Text copied out of a Title Block Border layout.
  3. It is SO annoying working on a worksheet with many rows the way the worksheet self-scrolls itself down as one is selecting and working on cells. Especially when trying to drag-select cells and trying to race to select the bottom cells before they're scrolled away out of the window. I wish worksheets would just stay put when they're being worked on.
  4. Cropped Perspective is still in Document Settings > Display, but only if "Enable legacy 2D features" is active. Otherwise, it simply disappears entirely from the Document Settings dialogue box (it's not even just grayed out). I'm not sure what you mean about its appearing at any random size and view navigation just moving the crop frame. When "Crop perspective view" is active, there's a rectangle (rather than the useless blue crop marks that are only at the corners), and that rectangle represents both the frame ("viewfinder") and the aspect ratio of the camera. The image within the rectangle can be manipulated using tools such as the Flyover, Walkthrough and Translate tools. Using scroll zoom moves the crop frame, without annoyingly changing your composition.
  5. Sorry, I'm pretty new to VW 2022, but I want to say that generally many if not most of the issues raised in the OP persist with VW 2022. Maybe it's not screen plane per se that's a necessity in Vectorworks' hybrid environment, as much as a way to differentiate between representations in 2D plan views and representations in 3D views (including "Top" view). Screen plane just seems to be the way that it's done. I too agree that hiding screen plane is a good thing, even if, as it seems, it hasn't been entirely successful... For example, giving up screen plane seems to mean also having to give up cropped perspectives, which seems to be the only way that camera views can sort of have a "viewfinder" for framing images so that they can be effectively composed: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/88281-rw-cameras-hide-outside-of-frame-aka-blue-crop-corners-dont-cut-it/
  6. Screen Plane hasn't gone anywhere. It's been renamed or hidden, and it's been removed from the primary working environment, but it's still a necessity in the hybrid environment of Vectorworks. If you go to a 3D view within the 2D component of a symbol, the geometry's orientation doesn't change... it remains parallel to the screen... the very definition of "Screen Plane." Create a brand new, blank file. Draw a rectangle. Duplicate it and extrude it. Create a symbol. Edit the 2D Component, and in the OIP there's no "Plane" pull-down for the rectangle. Go to Document Preferences > Legacy 2D and select "Enable legacy 2D features." The "Plane" pull-down then appears, and the rectangle is in the Screen plane...
  7. Actually, it looks like Auto Hybrids simply ignore the 2D Attributes of Contained Objects in Vectorworks 2022, whether they're from Materials or even just from applied Fills. Bug submitted on 022222... Hopefully this will be fixed soon... ... ...
  8. In the meantime, might it help to use World scale-hatches instead of Page-scale hatches?
  9. Right, and that's why "Fine Tune Camera" updates the view as expected, because you're explicitly manipulating the camera.
  10. My experience is as follows: I right-click on a Viewport that's linked to a camera and select "Edit Camera." Upon reaching the design layer, I manipulate the view as desired. Upon returning to the Viewport, if I failed to manually Activate the camera, my view is not updated as desired. So "Edit Camera" is misleading and most certainly counter-intuitive. If it's working as designed, maybe it should be changed to "Edit Design Layer with Camera Selected" (which currently appears to be the only difference between "Edit Camera" and "Edit Design Layer;" they're practically redundant). Alternatively, and maybe preferably, the design should be changed so that when editing a camera the camera is automatically activated...
  11. @MarcelP102 ... Thank you for the suggestions, but, as Tom & Andy say...
  12. Wow, I do believe I've just solved the problem of the inability to disable legacy 2D features... ... ... (or at least I seem to have discovered one solution...) The warning dialogue box says "Cannot disable legacy 2D features because the drawing contains screen plane objects and/or saved views with unified view settings." Yet even after deleting all objects and all saved views from the file, it's still impossible to disable legacy 2D features. And even after deleting absolutely everything (classes, layers, sheets, resources, etc.) from the file, it's still impossible. 'Cause it's not an object in the file or a saved view. It's a document setting. Cropped Perspective. Turn off cropped perspective, and then (assuming the conditions of the warning dialogue are met, and assuming there aren't other rogue settings), then legacy 2D features can be disabled! Hallelujah! Well, except that now, evidently, we can't frame our perspectives in order to compose them... ( https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87782-no-screen-plane-in-2022/page/2/#comment-434018 ) (VWIS233)
  13. I'm finally getting going with VW 2022, and I've just realized that "Cropped Perspective" has fallen victim to the (mostly welcome) "removal" of Screen Plane. It's bad enough that I originally had to seek out "Cropped Perspective" (why wasn't it the default??) so that I could frame my camera views. The blue corner crop marks are indeed useless; beyond useless. Am I missing something, or do we really, still, after 9 months and with SP3.1, not have a way to frame and compose perspectives??? VWIS233
  14. Well... I think planes only apply to planar objects. 3D objects and symbols and hybrid objects and symbols can never be on the "Screen Plane." And 2D symbols can only consist of planar objects, and those have to be on the "Screen Plane." But... 2D symbols can either be on the Screen Plane or a 3D plane. But that's meaningless when they're just a resource in the RM, because it depends entirely on how they're placed in the drawing itself. Of course, in Vectorworks 2022 there no longer is the "Screen Plane." Or so they say... "2D Component," "That which will only display in Top/Plan view"... call it what you will, "Screen Plane" is a fundamental requirement of Vectorworks' hybrid environment and it is still very much with us. Open a brand new blank file. Draw a rectangle, duplicate it, extrude the copy, and make a (hybrid) symbol out of both. Edit the 2D component of the symbol. In the OIP the rectangle has no plane option associated with it. Exit the symbol, enable legacy 2D features, edit the symbol again, and you will find that now in the OIP the rectangle does have a plane option, which is "Screen." So, with Vectorworks 2022, all they've really done is remove the ability for us to optionally draw in the screen plane (thus the new ability to set the working plane parallel to our computer screens... ("Align Working Plane with Current View")). Otherwise, Screen Plane still persists "behind the scenes" in all hybrid objects, and is the only way to draw in the 2D Component of a hybrid symbol. So the inability to turn off legacy 2D features in older files, especially when there are no screen plane objects in the drawing space, and very especially when everything has been deleted from the file, definitely seems like a bug. I contacted Tech Support about this in December and sent them files, and I submitted it as a bug in January. So, you know... good luck.
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