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  1. Tsquared

    Layer issue

    Many apologies, I'd given up hope of receiving a reply and have only just revisited. I will try your solution next time. I have continued to have minor issues when exporting to dwg with such things as text, dimensions, fills, hatches, in spite of having experimented with the translator settings. I now find the simplest thing for me is to rectify the anomolies directly in ACAD before issuing, which is not what I had in mind when switching to VW.
  2. Tsquared

    Layer issue

    I've just exported a simple 2D line drawing from the design layer to ACAD but the resulting DWG drawing also contained a number of 'grouped' items from one of the other VW layers, where did I go wrong?
  3. Contacted CU about this over a month ago, still awaiting a response!
  4. I'm looking for the same thing myself, preferably in the North of England.
  5. I've had this happen 4 times since installing VW12.5, and the first time I tried reinstalling without any success. I was advised that the problem was caused by a corrupted Workspace (!) and given the following solution - Locate the VW12.5 folder on the hard drive, open the Workspace folder, remove the Workspace that was open when you last shut down, I simply drag it onto my desktop, go back and try and open VW12.5, which should open in one of the other Workspace options. If it works just reinstall the removed Workspace from your install disc - I have now copied the 'uncorrupted' Workspaces to another folder so I can pick from there. It has worked every time for me but I'm too new to VW to understand how and when the Workspace becomes corrupted particularly when everything is fine when I shut down.
  6. Thank you for that. I'm new to VW but having used a number of other Cad programs over the past ten years I fully support your final comments.
  7. Can dimension text be moved to the opposite side of the dimension line so that dimensions shown below or to the right of the drawn object are 'outside' the dimension lines?
  8. Thanks Katie, dialogue box now back.
  9. I'm using v12.5, and was referring to double clicking the viewport. Since sending the post I stumbled upon the right click options, as described by Jonathan. I assume that I should be able to access the Edit Viewport dialogue box and did think that I might have somehow accidentally disabled this function, but according to cbaarch this could be a bug?
  10. I no longer have the Edit Viewport dialog box when I click on a viewport how do I get this back? The viewport does become active and I do have to 'Exit Viewport Crop' but I can't edit the crop, only move the viewport.
  11. Many thanks Katie, I've updated the driver and I'm amazed by the difference, the same drawing now starts to print in a matter of seconds and rather than minutes.
  12. Driver - Designjet 110plus v6.03 File size - 4.2Mb To be used for 2D plans and elvations only. Elevations manually produced, horizontal line hatching to represent brickwork, roof tile hatching, gradient fill to glass, eight 2D figures, two vehicles.
  13. Apologies for my meaningless last post, pressed the wrong button, complete forum novice, just wish that I could blame the kids! I am a new user of Vectorworks though I have used Autocad for 12 years, and Archicad for 3 years, so I may come back to this thread once I've overcome my embarrassment.
  14. Very new to VW, and first post, so apologies if this has been covered. I'm suffering ridiculously long spooling when printing even relatively simple drawings, cancelled after 20 minutes today waiting for 2 prints. Exporting to PDF and printing from there is only slightly quicker. Don't have the problem with Acad, though the file sizes are a lot smaller. Printer driver? VW tweak? VW Architect+Renderworks12.5,WinXP,Pentium4 2.8Ghz,1Gig Ram


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