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  1. The layer solution didn't work but I did it by using a "specials" label legend with text in a different color. I'll see if that works
  2. Is it possible to insert instruments in a plot and have them be a different color? I have a base set of instruments that stay hung all the time and I was wondering if there was a way to have the instrument that are added for a specific show to be color coded differently than the base instruments. That would make it easier to hang the show. Thanks
  3. " The same holds true if the current active layer is set to a scale other than the scale of the other objects." That will explain why I can't sometimes select an object.
  4. If you go to the OIP for the position and uncheck the box "Position Summary", then the position label will not appear in the plot. You can then insert a text box with your position name however and where ever you want it. Also on some of my plots (ones done in previous versions) at the bottom of the OIP are boxes for the X,Y postion of the label. I have just noticed that they don't appear in the newer plots. I will look into this
  5. I reinstalled the program to another directory on the drive and it still has the same problem, no constraints palette in the spotlight work space. Is there any way to access the constraints tools in the workspace editor? That palette doesn't appear in the tools tab.
  6. Reinstalling did not work. What I did was to edit a copy of the standard workspace (that had the constraints palette) and add all the spotlight palettes and menus and menu items and then name it the spotlight workspace.
  7. Minimizing either the drawing window or the program does not make the constraints palette appear. I did some checking with the other palettes and the rendering palette does the same thing. It will toggle on and off in all the workspaces but the spotlight workspace. I can put the render bitmap tool in another palette and it will show up but not the rendering palette. The next step is to try a reinstall but I left the disk in the office. [ 03-11-2003, 11:09 PM: Message edited by: tom grabowski ]
  8. On both my home and office machine with no drawing open and no other palettes but the constraints checked, I have on the screen the top menu bar and nothing else but gray blankness. This only happens in the spotlight workspace. In the other workspaces the constraints palette will show up in the midst of the gray.
  9. I have just started using Spotlight 10.1 and have noticed that in the spotlight workspace I cannot get the constraints palette to display. If I switch to either the standard or classic workspace it will display and it will toggle on and off from the window menu. If I am in the spotlight workspace and I select the constraints palette, the check mark will show up in the menu but the palette is no where to be found. All the other palettes will work but not the constraints. In the morning I will check to see if it happens on the office machine. I am running Windows XP.
  10. I have found the problem. When the label legend manager wouldn't also work, I went back and looked at the reinstallation of Adobe Type manager and found that I had left too many fonts for Spotlight to deal with. When I reduced the number of fonts, the problem went away. Thanks for the help. [ 08-07-2002: Message edited by: tom grabowski ]
  11. Deleting the schedule formats worksheet doesn't help. I get the same error message with both the new plot and with older plots. I even tried deleting all the worksheets and I still get the same error message. Tom
  12. When I go to the generate paperwork window and click on the setup button for schedules I get an Script error message box. The error listed in the script error window is "Error: _154 _159 - Index outside array limits." I have just upgraded to windows XP and this happens in a new plot I just created and in older plots that were done under Windows ME and 98. It will generate the paperwork but I can't get in to the setup to make changes in the foramts. I am using 9.5.2. Thanks
  13. I noticed a small error in the Source 4 zoom ER symbols. They have a frame size in the symbol of 6.25 when the correct size is 7.5. [ 04-09-2002: Message edited by: tom grabowski ]
  14. I have a question about the position Summary fonts and boxes. Where is the font, font size for the summaries and the size of the boxes controlled? I can adjust the attributes for the position name font in the top box but the others that list the Instrument and circuit summaries are too big and overflow the boxes drawn for them. I have several older plots that have the fonts in different sizes that fit in the boxes but I have no rememberance of how I got them to behave that way. They may have been done in 9.0 ( I am using 9.5 in Windows). If I try to adjust the older plots then the summary boxes get ugly too. I looked in the archives on the topics and there was some discussion but it wasn't clear which version of the program was being referenced. I can unlock each summary and adjust it but it gets tedious to redo each one. Is there something I have missed in the manual? [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: tgrabowski ] [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: tgrabowski ]
  15. I had problems with the number of fonts that vectorworks could deal with until I installed adobe type manager. Then I could load the fonts when I needed them but keep the number low for Vectorworks.
  16. I had thought something like that but the drawing units are set to feet and inches. It will still do it on my office machine as well.
  17. I have just discovered a problem with the ETC Parnel symbol provided with Spotlight. It comes with a frame size of 7.5" in the symbol. When the color cut list is generated the frame size is listed as .625. If you change the frame size to be 7.5 without the " in the object information pallete, it then returns a size of 7.5 in the report. If you leave the " on some of the instruments, they show up as .625 in the report. It is interesting that these things always show up late at night for me. ------------------ ************ Tom Grabowski University of Texas-Pan American Designer/Technical Director Communication Department Tomgrab@panam.edu Edinburg, Texas 78539 956/381-3588 FAX 956/381-2187
  18. Thanks Kevin. I had tried the tabs but didn't try printing it out on paper when the column was still there on the screen. Bit by bit it all gets clearer. [This message has been edited by tgrabowski (edited 08-24-2001).]
  19. Where in the preference dialog in the control to turn this off? I can't seem to find anything that controls this column. Was it somethnig that was changed in 9.0? (Still waiting on UPS for the upgrade). Thanks
  20. The column I was trying to resize is the leftmost column that has the swquential row numbers in the worksheet window, the one before column A
  21. I have gotten the dimmer schedule to work by entering a "0" in the dimmer and channel fields. As to resizing the row number column (the leftmost column), it won't work in the worksheet window. If you embed the worksheet in the drawing, this column doesn't show but then you lose the ability to print it in pages.
  22. I am working on my first plot with Spotlight 8.5.2 (am waiting for the upgrade) and am having some problems with the paperwork functions. I now have it creating the instrument schedule after a bit of fussing but I cannot get it to a dimmer or channel schedule. On a dimmer schedule it will give me the right number of rows, all blank except for the 8 instrument that are not assigned to a channel or dimmer and they are in rows 88-95. There are 129 instruments in the plot and all but those 8 have channel and dimmer information which does appear in the instrument schedule and the object information pane. Where do I look to find what is wrong? 2 other questions: 1. Can you resize the row number column on a worksheet? 2. Is it possible to set a different default instrument spacing for the align and distribute tool? Thanks ------------------ ************ Tom Grabowski University of Texas-Pan American Designer/Technical Director Communication Department Tomgrab@panam.edu Edinburg, Texas 78539 956/381-3588 FAX 956/381-2187
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